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The second mechanism for managing security configuration is the security template. A security template is a collection of configuration settings stored as a text file with the .inf extension. As you can see in Figure 7-7, a security template contains settings that are a subset of the settings available in a domain-based GPO but a somewhat different subset than those managed by the local GPO. The tools used to manage security templates present settings in an interface that enables you to save your security configurations as files and deploy them when and where they are needed. You can also use a security template to analyze the compliance of a computer s current configuration against the desired configuration.
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1. Correct Answers: A, B, C, and D A. Correct: Anonymous is a valid authentication method. See the Adding Policy Assertions section for a description of this authentication method. B. Correct: Username is a valid authentication method. See the Adding Pol icy Assertions section for a description of this authentication method. C. Correct: Certificate is a valid authentication method. See the Adding Pol icy Assertions section for a description of this authentication method.
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General Requirements This section describes business constraints that affect the proposed changes and that don t fall beneath any of the other headings on the Busi ness Requirements page. For example, this section might state that the company can or cannot purchase new servers to implement the proposed changes, or that a certain group of employees must have read access to a specific database, or that a certain type of data must be archived for a specific number of years.
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Network settings
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Using Exchange Management Console to Create a Universal Distribution Group
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16: Lesson Review Answers
Dim destination As New EndpointReference(destinationUri) //C# Uri destinationUri = new Uri("soap.tcp://" +
Exchange Server 2007 provides legacy streaming backup (NTBackup) and support for the VSS. However, Microsoft does not provide an Exchange-aware backup solution, and you need third-party backup software to back up the Exchange database with VSS. Both streaming and VSS backups support the full (or normal), copy, differential, and incremental backup types. Mailbox servers hold user data, and this must be backed up as part of any backup plan. A backup job backs up a set of files in the same operation. Backup jobs create backup sets. You should carry out test restores to test your backup data and procedures. Although you can use an RSG for test restores, Microsoft does not recommend this procedure. To minimize user disruption, you should perform test restores on a test network in a different forest from the production network. You can monitor events in the Event Viewer Application log to check that a backup has completed successfully. Information is also available in the backup log.
Develop with the Windows Ribbon, Part 1 277
B. Check the status of the computer upstairs.
Lesson 2: Configuring Windows Contacts and Windows Calendar
Table 10-5 Counters Associated with the MSExchangeIS Mailbox Performance Object
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