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After this lesson, you will be able to:
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You can see in this listing that each Rectangle defines its own separate ManipulationDelta event handler. The code for this is similar to what you saw earlier:
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Restricting access to shared files on public computers
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Your role as a DST might require you to create and troubleshoot macros. In the next three sections, you learn to do both.
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Lesson 1
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Configuring Connections
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Understanding TCP/IP
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Quick Check Answers
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public CurrencyValueType(decimal value, string currencyCode) { this.m_Value = value; this.m_CurrencyCode = currencyCode.ToUpper(); this.m_IsNull = false; }
ISA Server Monitoring Components
In addition to playing back music from a CD, you can also copy the tracks from your favorite CDs and store them on your mobile PC s hard disk, which makes carrying around a pile of CDs with you a thing of the past. The process of copying music from a CD to your mobile device is commonly known as ripping the CD. In this exercise, you will use Windows Media Player to rip a CD to your mobile PC.
The latest version of Automatic Updates offers expanded support for Microsoft products, including Microsoft Office. Previous versions of Automatic Updates could download only critical updates. Now Automatic Updates can download updates in the following categories: security updates, critical updates, update roll-ups, and service packs. Automatic Updates now prioritizes the download of available updates based on the importance and size of the updates. For example, if a large service pack is being downloaded, and a smaller security update is released to address an exploit, that security update will be downloaded more quickly than the service pack. Automatic Updates is now more automated. The need for users to accept EndUser License Agreements (EULAs) has been eliminated. Also, the user now has a choice of whether to restart the computer following the installation of updates that might require a restart. Updates that do require a restart can now be consolidated into a single installation so that only one restart is required.
Lesson 1: Creating and Configuring List-Display Controls
There are many times when you need to store binary data. So SQL Server provides three data types that let you store various amounts of binary data in a table. Table 3-7 lists SQL Server s binary data types.
128 Introducing Windows 7 for Developers
Some SQL Server 2003 server maintenance activities such as backups, database service packs, and operating system security updates are typically regarded as routine and repetitive, and not requiring DBA interaction. This premise is false. Although you might not be the person who performs the upgrades to the production network, you must evaluate the impact of applying service packs and security updates on your environment. You need to read the documentation associated with each service pack or security update and analyze the overall impact on your systems. In all but the smallest organizations, you should have a preproduction environment similar to the production environment to test service packs and security updates. You should schedule the testing of security updates to fit with system activities. In most cases, the most recent code is the most secure because it has been analyzed for improvements. However, an update can have a negative impact. To minimize uncertainty, you need to understand the changes implemented in the update. You need to deploy and test the update in your preproduction environment to analyze its
MDAC consists of multiple APIs that ship with the Windows operating system. You have a choice of three interfaces:
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Implementation Class MD5CryptoServiceProvider SHA1CryptoServiceProvider SHA256Managed SHA384Managed SHA512Managed Description The Message Digest algorithm. The hash size for the MD5 algorithm is 128 bits. The Secure Hash Algorithm 1. The hash size for the SHA1 algorithm is 160 bits. The Secure Hash Algorithm 256. The hash is 256 bits. The Secure Hash Algorithm 384. The hash is 384 bits. The Secure Hash Algorithm 512. The hash is 512 bits.
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