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Display and filter captured frames, immediately after capture or at a later time
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Bulk operations and the Simple recovery model
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see the available networks by opening Network And Sharing Center and clicking Connect To A Network. You can also click the Wireless icon on the Toolbar at the bottom right section of your screen. You can then right-click a network and click Connect. Available networks are listed in the Manage Wireless Networks dialog box. If you do not see the network to which you want to connect, you can click Set Up A New Connection Or Network in Network And Sharing Center. You can select from a list of available options (for example, Connect To The Internet) and manually search for and connect to a network. You can also create a new network connection. Some networks require a network security key or passphrase. To connect to a secure network that you do not administer, you need to ask the network administrator or the service provider for the key or passphrase. WARNING: CHOOSE A SECURITYENABLED WIRELESS NETWORK When you are connecting to a wireless network that is not your own, you should always choose a security-enabled wireless network if available. If you connect to a network that is not secure, someone with the right tools can see everything that you do, including the Web sites you visit, the documents you work on, and the user names and passwords that you use decidedly not recommended.
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J Time
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Lesson 2: Configuring Newsreader Settings
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An available COM port (serial port) on both computers A null modem cable long enough to connect the two computers
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Using Program Compatibility Mode
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' VB ' Adds 5 to the Value ProgressBar1.Increment(5) ' Adds 10 to the Value ProgressBar1.Increment(10) // C# // Adds 5 to the Value progressBar1.Increment(5); // Adds 10 to the Value progressBar1.Increment(10);
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In this practice, you will use BIDS to create a report based on two data sources. The report will have two sections. The first section will show summarized data in matrix format from an SSAS UDM cube, including a graphical presentation with a gauge. The second data region will show detail data with running totals from a SQL Server source. You will use the report with an empty layout and the two datasets you created in the Lesson 2 practice, Creating Report Datasets.
SELECT * FROM Production.Product WHERE Color = 'Silver' AND (ListPrice > 200 OR ListPrice = 0)
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Component Database server
To enable your computer to hibernate
368 Introducing Windows 7 for Developers
You are working as an administrator for Fabrikam, Inc., a company that makes prebuilt cabinetry that people can install in their own homes. Erin, a user from the Sales department, calls at 4:45 p.m. to tell you that one of the other people in her department has printed a very long document to the department s only color laser printer. The printer is a network printer that is used by many people, and Erin does not think the long document has started printing yet. Erin tells you that her manager, Jesper, has asked her to print several copies of an important memo to distribute to other people in her department before 5:00 p.m. She does not want to stop the long document from being printed because the person who printed it has already left for the afternoon and will need the printed document in the morning. Erin says that she has accessed the print server using her Web browser in the past but cannot remember how she did it. You determine that the print server is named SLS-PR1 and that the printer s share name is ColorLaser.
Supporting NTFS Permissions
Introduction to Desktop Support
when they apply to dimensions
Successful and failed account Creates an event when a user or computer attempts to authenticate using an Active Direc- logons are audited. tory account. For example, when a user logs on to any computer in the domain, an account logon event is generated. Successful and failed logons Creates an event when a user logs on interacare audited. tively (locally) to a computer or over the network (remotely). For example, if a workstation and a server are configured to audit logon events, the workstation audits a user logging on directly to that workstation. When the user connects to a shared folder on the server, the server logs that remote logon. When a user logs on, the domain controller records a logon event because logon scripts and policies are retrieved from the DC. Audits events, including the creation, deletion, Successful account management activities are audited. or modification of user, group, or computer accounts and the resetting of user passwords. Audits events that are specified in the system SACL, which is seen in an Active Directory object s Properties Advanced Security Settings dialog box. In addition to defining the audit policy with this setting, you must also configure auditing for the specific object or objects using the SACL of the object or objects. This policy is similar to the Audit Object Access policy used to audit files and folders, but this policy applies to Active Directory objects. Audits changes to user rights assignment policies, audit policies, or trust policies. Audits the use of a privilege or user right. See the explanatory text for this policy in Group Policy Management Editor (GPME). Audits system restart, shutdown, or changes that affect the system or security log. Successful directory service access events are audited, but few objects SACLs specify audit settings. See the discussion in the Auditing Directory Services Changes section for more information.
Figure 3-7
Configuring Firewall Policy (5.0)
Often the servers are in a different location than the administrator, so a DoS attack can make it almost impossible for the administrator to connect to the server to pause or shut down the SQL Server service. If you cannot connect normally, you can connect via DAC to shut down the SQL Server service. The benefit of DAC over technologies such as Emergency Management Services (EMS) is that EMS is more of a blunt instrument. EMS allows you to shut down errant
the number and location of its offices, and the number of employees.
Explain the purpose of authentication. Describe how authentication occurs on computer networks. Explain the purpose of multifactor authentication. Explain how authorization relates to authentication.
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