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Working with Services
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The Back Up Files And Directories user right improves the security on your system. It allows a user to back up the system without being assigned file and folder permissions to access all files and folders on the system. In other words, the person backing up the files can back up secure files without being able to read them.
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BACKUP LOG AdventureWorks TO networkback
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The CodeRed Worm
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Visualize Activities by Using the Service Trace Viewer
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Root Domain
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Configuring ISA Server as a Proxy Server
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Lesson Review
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Automatic Updates provides two options for installation:
1. How many connection objects are needed to perform a bulk copy operation using the SqlBulkCopy object (Choose all that apply.) A. One connection for each database the application needs to connect to B. Two connections for each database the application needs to connect to C. Two connections total, one connection for the source database, and one connection for the destination database 2. Where does the SQL BULK INSERT statement usually get the data to copy A. From a data file created with the .bcp utility B. From a query executed by a Command object C. From a DataReader D. From a database table in either the same or another database 3. How many records are copied when performing a bulk copy operation in an internal transaction that fails A. All records up until the transaction fails. B. It depends on the batch size and how many successful batches were copied before the transaction failed. C. All records from all batches except for the batch where the transaction failed. D. No records are copied because the transaction failed.
Configuring DFS Replication of SYSVOL
Is the destination address My Address
1. Message classification. An attorney client message classification, which is one of three classifications built into Exchange Server 2007, provides a banner that explains that the message contains privileged information. 2. Configure a transport rule that redirects messages that contain text involving the celebrity s name to the directors of the law firm. 3. Configure a transport rule that inserts the appropriate text on outgoing messages.
Other Network File And Print Services Subcomponents
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If necessary, open Deployment Workbench. Under Deployment Workbench, expand Distribution Share and select Operating Systems. 5. In the Action pane, click New. 6. Ensure that Full Set Of Source Files is selected on the OS Type page of the New OS Wizard, as shown in Figure 3-40. You could also specify a Custom Image file, such as the Myimage.wim file that you captured and deployed on your bootable VHD in 2 or a WDS image available on a specified WDS server.
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