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Before You Begin
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SQL Server 2005 supports both Windows and Mixed authentication modes. In Windows authentication mode, access is based on a security token assigned during successful domain (or local server) login by a Windows account, which subsequently requests access to SQL Server resources. In other words, Windows authentication mode enables users to access SQL Server using their Windows user accounts. The Mixed authentication mode allows both Windows and SQL Server authentication. SQL Server authentication relies on the verification of credentials that are stored and maintained by the SQL Server. With SQL Server authentication, users can log in using an account that you create and manage within SQL Server.
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In this case, you must assign Deny permissions to the Contractors Restricted Access group. Because they will receive Allow permissions assigned to the other Project 101 Contributors group, you must override those permissions with Deny permissions.
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Path is the path to the shared ISA Server 2004 client installation files. ISA_Server_Name is the name of the ISA Server computer to which the Firewall Client should connect. This parameter, as well as the next two, is optional. ENABLE_AUTO_DETECT=1 specifies that the Firewall Client automatically detects to which computer the ISA Server computer should connect. REFRESH_WEB_PROXY=1 indicates that the Firewall Client configuration should be updated with the Web Proxy configuration specified on the ISA Server computer. /qn means that the application will install without showing the user interface.
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Configuring Change Tracking
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Primary DNS server: zone
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C. Incorrect: Universal groups are only available as distribution groups, not security generate data matrix barcode
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This policy is enabled by default. If this policy is disabled, but other policies specify the use of secure desktop, secure desktop is still used. For highly secure environments you should configure UAC to prompt administrators for credentials on the secure desktop. This ensures that an administrator has given their full consent and avoids the problem of another person performing administrative tasks if the administrator leaves their computer unattended while logged on with an administrator account. You should configure the Prompt For Credentials setting for the User Account Control: Behavior Of The Elevation Prompt For Standard Users policy in the event that administrators are assisting standard users through remote desktop and need to perform an administrative task.
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Lock Timeouts/sec Number of lock requests per second that timed out, including requests for NOWAIT locks Lock Wait Time (ms) Total wait time (in milliseconds) for locks in the last second Lock Waits/sec
You can add or remove most USB devices from a computer while the computer is turned on. This practice is often referred to as hot-plugging the device. Plug and Play detects the presence (or absence) of the device and configures it for operation. The USB interface provides power to the peripheral that is attached to it. The root hub provides power directly from the host computer to directly connected devices. Hubs also supply power to connected devices. Even if the interface supplies power to the USB devices, USB devices also can have their own power sources if necessary. Many devices, such as digital cameras and scanners, draw more power than a USB hub can provide.
Clustered index selection
Deploying database changes
1. Make sure the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT), especially the AD DS administration tools, are installed on your system. 2. Download Account Lockout And Management Tools from the Microsoft Web site and save them to the Documents folder on the system you want to install it to. 3. Extract the tools from the executable. 4. After the tools are extracted, locate AcctInfo.dll. It should be in your Documents folder. 5. Use an elevated command prompt to run the following command:
You are an administrator at Adventure Works. The Adventure Works network topology is illustrated as shown. Branch offices in Seattle, Chicago, and Miami are connected with fast, reliable links to the Denver site. Smaller branches in Portland and Fort Lauderdale are connected to Seattle and Miami, respectively. In Denver, the headquarters and the warehouse sites are connected with an extremely fast connection. There is one domain controller in each site except in the headquarters in Denver, where there are three. You are planning the Active Directory sites and replication for the domain.
Dim DemoToken As X509SecurityToken "Retrieve 509 certificate
You should suggest that Angela configure two logical printers for the printer. She should assign one of the logical printers a higher priority than the other printer. She should also name the logical printers to indicate their use. (For example, she might name the logical printer with the lower priority Long Document Printer and name the printer with the higher priority Normal Use Printer. ) She should share each of the printers with the network and explain to the other users on the network how the printers are configured.
3. You are publishing a secure Web site that hosts a Web application that requires the actual IP address of the requesting client. You have installed a commercial CA certificate on the ISA Server computers. Users report that although they are able to establish a session to the Web site, they cannot use the application. How will you address this problem
Note If a toolbar is enabled and the taskbar is locked, there will be no handle (the rows of dotted lines) in front of the toolbar area. If a toolbar is enabled and the taskbar is unlocked, the handle is visible, as shown in the figures in this chapter. You can reposition a toolbar or even move it off the taskbar entirely by dragging the handle when the taskbar is unlocked.
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