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Assign QR-Code in .NET Case Scenario 2: Creating Usage Reports

If, however, you are performing an authoritative restore, you must mark the data as authoritative. Do not restart the server. Use the following steps. 1. Type the following commands:
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If an item is configurable, selecting the item activates the Properties button, and you can click this to configure the item s properties. You can also configure the adapter itself (for example, update the driver) by clicking Configure in the Local Area Connections Properties dialog box.
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SELECT DISTINCT SOD.ProductID, Name, p.listprice FROM Sales.SalesOrderDetail SOD JOIN Production.Product P ON P.ProductID = SOD.ProductID ORDER BY ProductID;
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Lab: Reading and Writing Files
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Address books and e-mail messages can be imported in many ways, and in this section we cover two of them. You will learn to import mail messages and address books from Outlook Express and Eudora (Pro and Light), and you will learn to import mail and messages from an Excel file. Although there are other options, including importing the data from a previously exported text or comma-separated values (CSV) file, an Access file, a personal folder file, or an application such as Lotus Organizer or ACT!, the pro cedures are basically the same as the two you will see here. To import Internet e-mail and addresses from Outlook Express, Eudora Light, or Eudora Pro, follow these steps: 1. Open Outlook. On the File menu, click Import And Export. 2. On the first page of the Import And Export Wizard, click Import Internet Mail And Addresses, and click Next. 3. On the Outlook Import Tool page, select the Internet Mail application to import from. Figure 4-5 shows this page with Outlook Express selected.
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8 Review
C is correct. The Help Desk group needs to be added to the Performance Monitor Users group on the computer running ISA Server. Users that are assigned to the ISA Server Basic Monitoring role can view all ISA Server Dashboard information except the performance counters. Adding the Help Desk group to the local Administrators group would give them the required permissions, but would also give them full administrative rights on the ISA Server computer, so this would violate the company policy.
FTP sites work, and are administered, similarly to Web sites. IIS installs one FTP site, the Default FTP Site, and configures it to respond to all incoming FTP requests (all unassigned addresses, port 21). The FTP site returns to the client a list of files from the folder specified in the Home Directory tab. FTP sites may also include virtual directo ries so that, for example, ftp://server01.contoso.com/pub may return resources from a different server than ftp://server01.contoso.com/vendor-uploads. FTP URLs and sites do not use default documents. Complex IIS servers may host tens of thousands of sites, each with customized settings to make them tick. Losing all that configuration information could be painful, so although a normal file system backup might allow you to restore the data files after a failure, the configuration would be lost. To back up or restore IIS configuration, you must back up or restore the metabase, an Extensible Markup Language (XML) docu ment that is used to store settings. Right-click the server node in IIS Manager and, from the All Tasks menu, choose Backup/Restore Configuration.
Supporting the Windows Desktop
If you choose to implement a custom authentication mechanism in your application, you might discover that your choices are limited. Although you might consider only two-factor authentication to be secure enough to determine a user s identity for the purpose of authorizing that user to access your application, your user might be willing to enter only a user name and password. Often, convenience is more important than strong authentication. You can offset the risks of weak authentication, though. Properly logging authentication events enables administrators to track down attackers, which reduces the risks of repeat offenders. It also reduces the risk of attacks by insiders who are familiar with the security mechanisms. Similarly, systems administrators can further reduce the risk of weak authentication by frequently reviewing security logs and vigorously pursuing offenders.
void OnTouchUpHandler(HWND hWnd, const TOUCHINPUT& ti) { // Extract contact info: contact ID int iCursorId = GetTouchContactID(ti); // Find the stroke in the collection of the strokes in drawing. int iStrk = g_StrkColDrawing.FindStrokeById(iCursorId); ASSERT(iStrk >= 0 && iStrk < g_StrkColDrawing.Count()); // Add this stroke to the collection of finished strokes. g_StrkColFinished.Add(g_StrkColDrawing[iStrk]); // Remove this stroke from the collection of strokes in drawing. g_StrkColDrawing.Remove(iStrk); // Request full redraw. InvalidateRect(hWnd, NULL, FALSE); }
Connect to a virtual private network, page 122
When running on Windows Server 2003 or above, SQL Server 2005 can leverage Windows password policy for new logins you create for use with SQL Server authen tication. In other words, SQL Server 2005 can apply the same complexity and expira tion policies used in Windows Server 2003 to passwords used inside SQL Server. (This functionality depends on the NetValidatePasswordPolicy application program ming interface (API), which is available only in Windows Server 2003 and later.)
When you install new operating system components after installing a service pack, Setup will require the location of both the operating system and service pack installa tion files. This allows Setup to install the updated version of the component.
Tested Skills and Suggested Practices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15-2
When an application crashes or something else goes wrong, Windows Vista is able to send a report on the problem to Microsoft. It is possible to tease out the detail of these problems using the Reliability Monitor, but Problem Reports And Solutions provides a convenient summary, shown in Figure 3-8, of all current and past issues that have occurred with Windows Vista, also detailing how the problems were resolved. An example of a resolution might be that a device driver for a hardware component that did not exist when Windows Vista was installed became available through Windows Update at a later time. Windows resolved the problem by automatically installing the updated driver on the computer, which made the hardware device functional.
Figure 2-12
Using the Encoding Class
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