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Case Scenario Structure
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Figure 10-13: Smart Card or other Certificate options You can configure which VPN authentication protocols are supported for a connection by editing a VPN connection's properties in the Network Connections control panel, as shown in Figure 10-14. Windows first tries to use the most secure authentication protocol that is enabled and then falls back to less secure protocols if they are available.
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A computer that meets the hardware and software requirements for Microsoft SQL Server 2005. SQL Server 2005 Developer, Workgroup, Standard, or Enterprise Edition installed.
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Hub Transport server limits
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If the share you want to connect to is listed, when you double-click it, you are connected. If the share that you want to connect to is not listed, go to step 5.
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Sites and Replication
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Designing Lite-Touch and Zero-Touch Deployments
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Most restore operations begin by re-creating the database at a specific point in time and then applying subsequent backups to bring the database up to a particular point in time. This process begins with a restore of a full backup. As explained previously, a full backup contains the entire contents of a database. To reconstruct a database, the restore operation must place the pages back into the database in sequential order. This process ensures a completely coherent database when finished. It also takes additional time. Restoring a full backup generally requires about 30 percent more time to complete than the backup being restored took to generate.
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Figure 9-13 Expanding Database Triggers.
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1. What is a cookie How can you delete all the cookies that are stored on your computer
You have seen how to set up a ConfigurationSection and add ConfigurationSection objects to the ConfigurationSectionCollection, but more needs to be done to use these objects. You can use the ConfigurationSection class as a base class from which to derive classes to consume these value. Following is a sample class named ConfigHandler that inherits from ConfigurationSection. It defines two properties, FirstName and LastName, that map to the ConfigurationSection just shown.
When the DNS Server service is started on a secondary DNS server in the zone.
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Why This Matters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-1
Notice that the first command-line parameter passed to the application is ultimately copied into the buf 10-character array. While the program runs, it stores information temporarily on the stack, including the return address where processing should con tinue after the subroutine has completed and the variable is passed to the subroutine. The application works fine when fewer than 10 characters are passed to it. However, passing more than 10 characters will result in a buffer overflow. Figure 1-2 shows that same application being deliberately attacked by providing input longer than 10 characters. When the line strcpy(buf, input); is run, the application attempts to store the string hello-aaaaaaaa0066ACB1 into the 10-character array named buf. Because the input is too long, the input overwrites the contents of other information on the stack, including the stored address that the program will use to return control to main(). After the subroutine finishes running, the processor returns to the address stored in the stack. Because it has been modified, execution begins at memory address 0x0066ACB1, where, presumably, the attacker has stored malicious code. This code will run with the same privilege as the original application. After all, the operating system thinks the application called the code.
Practice: Configuring Disks and Volumes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11-19
By default, client computers running Windows 95 and later are configured to obtain TCP/IP configuration information automatically. Automatic TCP/IP information is provided on a network using a DHCP server. When a client computer starts, it sends a broadcast message to the network looking for a DHCP server that can provide IP
f. 3. 4.
The DataContractSerializer, the new default WCF serializer, operates in an opt-in mode that is the opposite of its predecessor, the XmlSerializer. That is, with the DataContractSerializer, members that are to be part of the Data contract must be explicitly marked as such, whereas with the XmlSerializer, members are assumed to be in the Data contract unless explicitly marked as opting out. For more on working with the XmlSerializer in the context of WCF services, see the section, Controlling Serialization, later in this chapter. The following code uses the opt-out approach of the XmlSerializer to prevent the field shown in bold from being serialized:
If your mobile PC has a DVD drive, you have everything you need to turn your PC into a portable DVD player. In order to use Windows Media Player 10 as a DVD player, you will need to purchase DVD decoder software. This software is usually included when you purchase a new mobile PC (see your manufacturer s documentation for details). If it is not included, many distributors sell the decoder software. See Also
Right-click the Roles subfolder, and then select New Role. In the New User Role dialog box, type all users as the name for the new role. Type access to all the users of the development environment as the description of the new role. Select the View Reports check box, select the View Folders check box, and then click OK. Open an Internet Explorer window, and then navigate to http://localhost/reports (or replace localhost with the name of the remote server that you administer). Click the Home link at the upper-right corner of the screen to verify that you are in the root Home folder. Click the Properties tab. Notice that in the root folder, there is no Revert To Parent Security button. This is because the root has no parent folder. Click New Role Assignment. In the Group Or User Name box, type users to assign this local Windows group to the role. There is no need to qualify the Users group of the local computer with the name of the local computer. Select the All Users check box to assign the new role you just created to the local Users group, and then click OK.
availability technology configured between a principal and mirror database and an optional witness server. It maintains close synchronization of data and the database schema and offers the option of automatic failover.
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