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After you have installed and shared a printer on the print server, and installed appropriate drivers, users on client computers running Windows 95 and later can easily connect to the shared printer. For most Windows-based client computers, if the appropriate printer drivers are on the print server, the client computer automatically downloads the drivers when the user makes a connection to the printer. For information on how you can install additional drivers on a print server, see Lesson 4, Configuring Network Printers, later in this chapter. When you add and share a printer, by default, all users can connect to that printer and print documents. The method used to connect to a printer depends on the client computer. Client computers running Windows 95 and later can use the Add Printer Wizard. Client computers running Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home Edition, or Windows 2000 can also use a Web browser to connect to the printer.
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A. Correct: This method of delivering an invitation will work. B. Correct: This method of delivering an invitation will work. C. Correct: This method of delivering an invitation will work. D. Incorrect: This will not work because it does not transmit a remote administra
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Appendix B
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SELECT Production.ProductCategory.ProductCategoryID , Production.Product.ProductSubcategoryID , AVG(Listprice) AS 'Average' , MIN(Listprice) AS 'Minimum' , MAX(Listprice) AS 'Maximum' FROM Production.Product JOIN Production.ProductSubcategory ON Production.ProductSubcategory.ProductSubcategoryID = Production.Product.ProductSubcategoryID JOIN Production.ProductCategory ON Production.ProductSubcategory.ProductCategoryID = Production.ProductCategory.ProductCategoryID WHERE ListPrice <> 0 GROUP BY Production.ProductCategory.ProductCategoryID, Product.ProductSubcategoryID WITH ROLLUP
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Selecting the Last Known Good configuration advanced boot option starts Windows XP Professional using the control set saved to the Registry following the last successful logon. If you change the Windows XP Professional configuration to load a driver and have problems rebooting, you can use the Last Known Good configuration to recover your working configuration. Windows XP Professional provides two configurations for starting a computer, Default and Last Known Good. Figure 4-5 shows the events that occur when you make configuration changes to your system. Any configuration changes (for example, adding or removing drivers) are saved in the Current control set.
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Resolving a Service Call
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SELECT ProductSubcategoryID, ProductCategoryID , Name, ModifiedDate FROM Production.ProductSubcategory;
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Key Terms
10 Configuring and Managing Remote Access
Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express
You are a desktop support technician (DST) for a large real estate company that has 15 workstations running Windows XP Professional. A user calls to ask why she is unable to access a shared folder on her co-worker s workstation. At the co-worker s worksta tion, you check the shared permissions that are assigned to the folder and verify that the Everyone group has Full Control, yet she is not able to access the resource. You verify that several other employees can access the share with no problems. What could be the reason for this problem A. The user is not a member of the Everyone group.
Figure 2-15 The General tab of the RDP-Tcp Properties dialog box
Dim Command1 As New SqlCommand("DELETE FROM Territories WHERE TerritoryID = 98012; " _ & "DELETE FROM Region WHERE RegionID = 10", NorthwindConnection) NorthwindConnection.Open() Command1.ExecuteNonQuery() NorthwindConnection.Close() End Sub // C# private void DeleteExtraRecords() { // If you have already ran the application // delete the 2 records to prevent a primary // key violation. SqlCommand Command1 = new SqlCommand("DELETE FROM Territories WHERE TerritoryID = 98012; " + "DELETE FROM Region WHERE RegionID = 10", NorthwindConnection); NorthwindConnection.Open(); Command1.ExecuteNonQuery(); NorthwindConnection.Close(); }
If you right-click the disk and do not see the Convert To Dynamic Disk option, one of the following conditions may exist:
Commands and queries
Handling Exceptions
Creating a CLR UDT
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