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The Dsquery command queries Active Directory for objects that match a specific criteria set. The command s basic syntax is:
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Lesson 2
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If AutoRun is disabled on your machine, refer to the Readme.txt file on the CD-ROM.
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Zone transfer negotiations
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Lesson 2: Creating and Editing Control Flow Objects
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Case Scenarios. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 482
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Always verify that the software is compatible with Windows XP before installing. If the software does not list the operating system, visit the manufacturer s website. Also, many manufacturers of handheld devices have explicit instructions for connecting and configuring their devices, and these instructions often contradict the general instructions for attaching peripheral devices in Windows XP Always check the manufacturer s setup instructions for any . installation idiosyncrasies.
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user is attempting to install a device driver for a new video card that she has obtained for her Windows XP computer. She is receiving an error message that says that unsigned drivers cannot be installed. The user has done some research and has located
Appendix B
After this lesson, you will be able to:
When you need cross-platform interoperability with security services based on other Kerberos v5 implementations, you can establish a realm trust between your domain and a UNIX Kerberos v5 realm. Realm trusts are one-way, but you can establish one-way trusts in each direction to create a two-way trust. By default, realm trusts are nontransitive, but they can be made transitive. If a non-Windows Kerberos v5 realm trusts your domain, the realm trusts all security principals in your domain. If your domain trusts a non Windows Kerberos v5 realm, users in the realm can be given access to resources in your domain; however, the process is indirect. When users are authenticated by a non Windows Kerberos realm, Kerberos tickets do not contain all the authorization data needed for Windows. Therefore, an account mapping system is used. Security principals are created in the Windows domain and are mapped to a foreign Kerberos identity in the trusted non Windows Kerberos realm. The Windows domain uses only these proxy accounts to evaluate access to domain objects that have security descriptors. All Windows proxy accounts can be used in groups and on ACLs to control access on behalf of the non Windows security principal. Account mappings are managed through Active Directory Users and Computers.
Called when a specific report status has changed
Applying Public and Private Firewall Settings
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E. Correct: The IIS metabase, which contains all the IIS settings, is backed up when
barrier to availability cold standby
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