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BitLocker BitLocker is a full volume encryption and system protection feature that is available on computers running the Enterprise and Ultimate editions of Windows 7. The function of BitLocker is to protect computers running Windows 7 from offline attacks. Offline attacks include booting using an alternative operating system in an attempt to recover data stored on the hard disk and removing the computer's hard disk and connecting it to another computer in an attempt to access the data it contains. BitLocker provides full encryption of a computer's volumes. Without the BitLocker encryption key, the data stored on the volume is inaccessible. BitLocker stores the encryption key for the volume in a separate safe location, and it releases this key, making the data on the volume accessible, only after it is able to verify the integrity of the boot environment. BitLocker provides the following benefits: It prevents an attacker from recovering data from a stolen computer unless that person also steals the passwords that provide access to the computer. Without the appropriate authentication, the hard disk remains encrypted and inaccessible. It simplifies the process of hard disk drive disposal. Rather than having to wipe a computer's hard disk, you can be sure that without the accompanying BitLocker key, any data on the disposed hard disk is irrecoverable. Many organizations have suffered security breaches because people have been able to recover data on hard disk drives after the hard disk has theoretically been disposed of. It protects the integrity of the boot environment against unauthorized modification by checking the boot environment each time you turn on the computer. If BitLocker detects any modifications to the boot environment, it forces the computer into BitLocker recovery mode.
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Figure 12-17
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Builtin Computers Domain Controllers Users Dallas Memphis User Accounts Computer Accounts
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Figure 7-10
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In BIDS, open the TK 448 Ch11 SSRS Logistics project that you created in the practice in Lesson 1. In Solution Explorer, right-click the Reports folder, and then select Add New Report to start the Report Wizard. On the Welcome page, click Next. On the Select The Data Source page, specify the AdventureWorks2008 shared data source. Click Next. On the Design The Query page, in the Query String text box, enter the following query to select all the finished products and the properties required to create a Finished Products Stock Level report:
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Windows Media Center can scan for services if data about your region is not
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This namespace is quite comprehensive and provides both general-purpose and specific objects for just about every conceivable configuration scenario.
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3. Correct Answer: C A. Incorrect: Turning session state off will result in no data retrieval. B. Incorrect: Storing session state to SQL Server is typically not the fastest mode for data retrieval. C. Correct: InProc, the default mode, is typically considered the fastest for data retrieval. D. Incorrect: As with SQLServer mode, StateServer is typically not the fastest mode for data retrieval.
Lesson 2: Managing Statistics
isolation Isolation rules allow you to limit communication to hosts that are able to authenticate using specific credentials. You would use an isolation rule to ensure that file servers communicate only with hosts that are members of the same AD DS domain. Authentication exemption This rule type is used to configure exemptions to existing connection security rules. Use these rules as fallback rules to allow connections from administrator computers to infrastructure servers, such as DHCP and DNS servers.
Before You Begin
ome organizations run a tight ship, as far as IT considerations are concerned, maintaining rigorous control over workstation configurations and preventing
Disable editing HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet and creating of Explorer\Infodelivery\Restrictions\NoEditingScheduleGroups schedule groups HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Infodelivery\Restrictions\MaxWebcrawlLevels
1. True or false: Standby mode allows users and applications to access and modify the secondary database. 2. True or false: The default setting for Standby mode is to leave users connected to the database when the restore backup operation begins.
As you can see from Table 4-20, most classes you have learned how to use in this chapter have a generic equivalent. The only collection type that is new is the LinkedList class, which will be covered shortly.
As with wireless networks, remote network connections have extra elements that can complicate the troubleshooting process. Remote networking problems typically involve enterprise users that are unable to access the network from home or while traveling. The first step in troubleshooting this type of problem is to find out what remote access technology the individual is using. Users can connect to the network with either of the following remote access technologies:
29. Add another DataGridView below the Customers grid and set its Name property to OrdersGrid. 30. Double-click the Get Orders button and add the following code to the buttonclick event handler:
Configure the antivirus and anti-spam system (e.g., configure deny lists, block lists, allow lists, and specific exceptions).
In a forward caching scenario, the following actions occur to complete the client request: 1. The Web proxy client sends a request for content located on an Internet Web server. The Web request is intercepted by ISA Server 2004 and forwarded to the Web proxy filter.
Before you use Queue Viewer to monitor and manage queues, you need to connect to a transport server. By default, Queue Viewer operates on the queuing database on the server on which the GUI runs. You can, however, also connect to a remote server and view the queues and messages on the remote server.
Identifying the Specific Networking Issue
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