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Each of these options represents a better top-level OU structure than, for example, bas ing OUs on divisions of the company, which are more likely to change. When planning the top-level OU structure in a multidomain environment, consider cre ating a top-level design that is consistent across every domain on the network. Using an object-based or task-based design (described in the next sections) is particularly effective in this situation. Creating a top-level OU structure that is consistent across domains keeps administration and support consistent throughout the network. Lower-level OUs (those created inside the top-level OUs) should represent more detailed levels of administrative authority within your organization or should be used for other purposes such as Group Policy application. Remember that by default, lowerlevel OUs inherit the permissions of their parent OUs. When you are constructing your plan, you also need to plan where you want inheritance to happen and where you don t. When designing lower-level OUs, it s easy to get carried away. Remember that your main goal is to design a structure that simplifies the administration of accounts and resources as much as possible. To this end, keep your design as simple as possible. If you create a nested OU structure that is too deep, you not only create a more confus ing structure, but also may reduce performance. An OU may have multiple levels of Group Policy being applied to it from the domain, site, and any parent OUs. The more policies that need to be applied, the longer the response time and the slower the perceived performance.
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Figure 11-33: List of plans and GUIDs 2. 3. Create the directory C:\Export if it does not already exist. Change into this directory. Issue the command powercfg.exe -energy. When the command finishes executing, issue the command start energy-report.html. This opens Windows Internet Explorer with the report, as shown in Figure 11-34. Review the report and then close the Internet Explorer window.
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Figure 4-4
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The workstations achieve the best performance if Howard deploys the call tracking application to them by using Remote Desktop Services because RDS runs the application by using server resources, not the resources on the workstation. The workstation therefore has to run only the operating system and the Remote Desktop Connection client.
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Lesson 1: Identifying Poorly Performing Queries
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Lesson 1
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Managing and Troubleshooting Access to Resources (2.0)
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Description Gets the number of items in the queue
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Lesson 1: Service Endpoint Basics
Resolving Common User Requests . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5-30
Lesson 3: Evaluating and Fixing a Bug
Table 11-8 Attributes of the <x509> Element
Using Secure Coding Best Practices
How to Deserialize an Object
{ return new TraceMessageBehavior(); }
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