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Introductory page of the LCR Wizard
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Practice: Using LDIFDE to Manage Group Accounts
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Configuring Internet Explorer
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Managing ActiveSync
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Ed is creating GPOs for the workstations in the Sales department at A. Datum Corporation. In their Active Directory hierarchy, a Sales OU contains the computer and user objects for the entire department, except for the Order Entry team, which has its own OU subordinate to Sales. The workstations in the Order Entry department use a highly restricted environment, while the Sales workstations are relatively open. Ed has created two GPOs, one for Sales and one for Order Entry. The GPOs have precisely the same policies configured, but their settings are different. A Baseline GPO containing settings for all of the computers in the organization is also in the hierarchy and is linked to the Adatum.local domain object. Which of the following is the easiest way to deploy the GPOs to the appropriate workstations successfully
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class DemoReceiver : SoapReceiver
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Figure 2-4 Vista
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Your next step is to create another diagram for each domain that shows how the domain is broken down into sites and how domain controllers are positioned in those sites. Even if the domain contains only one site, you should still create a diagram and map out the domain controllers. You can rely on the documents you created when inventorying your servers and workstations for information on hardware and software. However, you should also list the following information about each domain controller:
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5. What code did you write for the exportKeyMenuItem_Click method code 39
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Microsoft.Web.Services3, Version=, Culture=neutral,
To create an object such as a user, you ask the object s container to create the object. So you begin by performing an action a method on the container. The first step, then, is to connect to the container. Windows PowerShell uses the Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI) type adapter to tap into Active Directory objects. A type adapter is a translator between the complex and sometimes quirky nature of a .NET Framework object and the simplified and consistent structure of Windows PowerShell. To connect to an Active Directory object, you submit an LDAP query string, which is simply the LDAP:// protocol moniker followed by the DN of the object. So the first line of code is as follows:
If you are using NAT between the Internet and the perimeter network, you can use private IP addresses for the perimeter network. In this case, assign one of the private IP addresses to the ISA Server interface on that network. If you are using a route relationship between the Internet and perimeter network, then you must use an address that is routable on the Internet (that is, you cannot use an address from the private IP address range).
Creating Functions, Stored Procedures, and Triggers
Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is correct or incorrect are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
You are the administrator of a mixed-mode network that includes Windows NT 4 Server and Workstation computers. The DNS Server and Windows Internet Name Ser vice (WINS) services are installed on Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition member servers. Each standard primary DNS zone is configured to use a WINS server to resolve NetBIOS names as needed. How do you tell whether a record that is returned by the Nslookup command-line utility is from a WINS server A. Records that were obtained from a WINS server are marked as nonauthoritative, and the TTL value will have decreased when Nslookup is used again. B. Records that were obtained from a WINS server are marked as authoritative, and the TTL value will be unaltered when Nslookup is used again. C. Records that were obtained from a WINS server are marked as nonauthoritative, and the TTL value will be unaltered when Nslookup is used again. D. Records that were obtained from a WINS server are marked as authoritative, and the TTL value will have decreased when Nslookup is used again.
the top of the list of permissions, overrides all others, blocking his access to the folder.
2. Your Internet usage policy states that all employees should have full Internet access except that users should not be able to use the ICQ protocol to connect to the Internet. How will you accomplish this
The VIEW_METADATA option returns metadata about a view to client-side data access libraries. You use the AS clause to specify the SELECT statement that defines the view. The SELECT statement can be of any complexity as long as the query is valid and can ref erence tables, views, UDFs, and system functions. The only restrictions in a view are as follows:
When taking the exam, pay close attention to the operating system in use and the type of computer. Remember that you can use dynamic disks only on nonportable comput ers that are running Windows XP Professional.
Therefore, the problem is that the authentication methods don t match. Because both computers are joined in the domain and Kerberos is a more secure authenti cation method, you need to change the authentication method to Kerberos in the policy on Computer2. 18. Select the IP Security Policies On Local Computer node and double-click the assigned policy. 19. Click Edit to open the rule properties. 20. Select the Authentication tab. 21. Click the Add button and select Active Directory default [Kerberos V5 Protocol]. Then click OK. 22. Select the Preshared Key authentication method and click the Remove button. Then click Yes when prompted. 23. Click OK twice to close the policy. 24. From a command prompt, attempt to telnet to Computer1. Are you successful
Understand the capabilities of SQL Server PowerShell. Navigate the SQL Server PowerShell hierarchy. Use SQL Server PowerShell to enumerate objects.
The system s registry The COM+ Class Registration Database The boot files, which include boot.ini,, ntldr, bootsect.dos, and ntbootdd.sys System files that are protected by the Windows File Protection service
figure 2-14 You add data viewers through the Data Flow Path Editor dialog box.
When users right click in a folder and click New, they see a list of template files that they can create in the folder. You can extend the New menu with additional file templates. First make sure that HKCR contains a file extension key for the type of file you're creating. Then create the ShellNew subkey under the file extension key. For example, to define a template for files with the .inf extension, create the key HKCR\.inf\ShellNew. Then in ShellNew, create one of the following values: Command. Executes an application. This is a REG_SZ value command to execute. For example, you use a command to launch a wizard. Data. Creates a file containing specified data. This is a REG_BINARY value that contains the file's data. Windows XP ignores this value if either NullFileor FileName exists. FileName. Creates a file that is a copy of a specified file. This is a REG_SZ value that contains the path and name of the file to copy. If the file is in the user profile's Templates folder, you can leave off the path. NullFile. Creates an empty file. This is a REG_SZ value that contains no data. If the value NullFile exists, Windows XP ignores Data and FileName.
Designing a WINS Structure
Installing and Managing ISA Server Clients
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