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Because AD FS relies on secure communications, you must ensure that each server in an AD FS partnership trusts the root certificate that was used to issue certificates for each of the servers in the deployment. If you use self-signed certificates, you must export each certificate and then import it in the corresponding server s trusted CA stores. When you configure a partnership, you must first create claims-aware applications and assign specific claims to each partner in the partnership. After the claims have been created, you then identify which directory store will be used by each federation server in the deployment. You create a federation trust between the two partners. This involves preparing the trust policy on each server, exporting the trust policy from the account federation server, and importing it in the resource federation server. Then you can use this trust policy to assign claims to the account organization. To complete the federation trust, you export the partner policy from the RFS and then import it into the AFS. At this point, your partnership has been created.
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Property Password
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securityadmin that enables you to assign administrative privileges to logins.
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Server Core Configuration Commands
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Techniques to Improve Query Performance
becoming a Microsoft Certified Trainer, visit mcp/mct/ or contact a regional service center near you.
To add assemblies to the GAC from the command line or a batch file, first assign a strong name to the assembly. Then, use the /i parameter of the GacUtil command-line tool (included with the .NET Framework) to install the assembly to the global assembly cache. For example, the following command adds the assembly C:\Assembly\Contoso.dll to the GAC without referencing a specific assembly:
icacls c:\destination /deny Jeff_Phillips:(OI)(CI)W 3. Open the C:\Source directory in Windows Explorer. Right-click within the folder and create two new text files named Alpha and Beta. 4. Right-click Alpha and then choose Properties. Click the Security tab and then click the Research group. Verify that the permissions are assigned as shown in Figure 8-32. Perform the same actions on Beta.txt to verify that permissions are set identically.
When a user calls you with a particular problem, you might want to know what oper ating system and service pack is installed on that user s system. You learned that this information is stored as properties of the computer object. The only challenge, then, is to locate the computer object, which may be more difficult in a complex Active Direc tory with one or more domains and multiple OUs. The Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in provides easy access to a powerful, graphical search tool. This tool can be used to find a variety of object types. In this context, however, your search entails an object of the type Computer. Click the Find Objects In Active Directory button on the console toolbar. The resulting Find Comput ers dialog box is illustrated in Figure 5-4. You can select the type of object (Find), the scope of the search (In), and specify search criteria before clicking Find Now.
Supported File Systems
([FG1], [FG2], [FG3], [FG4], [FG5], [FG6])
Perform an automatic failover in High Availability operating mode by shutting down the instance hosting the principal while the mirror and witness are online. Initiate a manual failover in each of the operating modes, using two different methods: SSMS and Transact-SQL.
Figure 6-6 Use the Brush class with the various Graphics.Fill methods to draw solid objects
// C# // Create a new Command object
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