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{-s Server | -d Domain} -u UserName -p {Password | *}
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figURE 3-1 Windows System Image Manager
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WHERE Color = 'Black' ORDER BY ListPrice DESC ), b AS ( SELECT TOP(2) ProductID, Name, Color, ListPrice FROM Production.Product WHERE Color = 'Red' ORDER BY ListPrice DESC ) SELECT * FROM a UNION ALL SELECT * FROM b; Results: ProductID ----------775 776 749 750
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Objective 1.2
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Framework Fundamentals
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If a query returns unnecessary data, this wastes resources by causing SQL Server to perform additional I/O operations. In addition, it increases network traffic. A table scan places a shared lock on the table during the scan. If the table is large, the duration of the shared lock might prevent other users from modifying the table s data and thus hurt concurrency. If a query includes (for example) a SELECT statement but does not need to return every row that satisfies that statement, you should use a WHERE clause to limit the number of rows returned. The following example lists all rows, and every column within each row, of the Production.ProductCostHistory table:
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Lesson 1: Scale Database Applications
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Open SSMS and connect to the SQL Server instance that you want to configure. In Object Explorer, expand the Management folder, right-click Database Mail, and select Configure Database Mail, as shown in Figure 9-1.
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To modify an existing content type set, click the content type set in the Content Types box, and then click Edit.
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CustomersTable.Columns.Add("ContactTitle", Type.GetType("System.String"));
When a domain is switched to a higher functional level, the dial-in permission for existing user accounts is not modified. The default settings mentioned above are only applied to new user accounts created after raising the domain functional level.
Table 4-2
Choosing to set up a partnership
A Web service is a piece of software that is used to expose data and functionality in a distributed environment. The data exposed can be as simple as a list of product cate gories or as complex as a multileveled dataset containing a complete customer pur chase history. The functionality exposed can also range in complexity, and generally complex tasks are broken down into a series of exposed public Web methods. Web services are XML based, and distributed applications access them over the Inter net using a communications protocol such as Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). SOAP provides a standard and simple way to present messages in an XML format. SOAP also allows developers to describe what the service does and make it available to other applications. Because the data returned by a Web service is in the form of a stan dardized XML message, applications residing on different platforms can access the same Web services. This capability makes Web services quite useful when multiple cli ents located over vast geographical areas need access to the same kind of information.
Implement subqueries. Implement CTE (common table expression) queries. Apply ranking functions.
5. You suspect that a device listed under Non-Plug And Play Drivers in Device Manager is causing problems. How do you immediately stop the device to investigate A. Open the device Properties dialog box in Device Manager. On the Driver tab, click Stop. B. Open the device Properties dialog box in Device Manager. On the Driver tab, change the Startup Type to Disabled. C. Open the device Properties dialog box in Device Manager. On the Driver tab, click Disable. D. Open the device Properties dialog box in Device Manager. On the Driver tab, click Uninstall. Answers 1. Correct Answers: A and C A. Correct: The device must be signed with a valid digital certificate that is recognized by Windows 7 and is in the Trusted Publishers store. Otherwise, administrator privileges are required to install the device. B. Incorrect: Digital certificates are stored in the Trusted Publisher store, not device drivers. C. Correct: The device driver must be stored in the device driver store. Otherwise, administrator privileges are required to copy the driver to that store. D. Incorrect: The device does not need to connect through a USB port. It could, for example, be a PS/2 keyboard. E. Incorrect: Although Microsoft signs many drivers, a Microsoft signature is not essential. The digital certificate needs to be from a trusted CA. For example, in the domain environment, it could be a self-signed certificate. 2. Correct Answer: B A. Incorrect: You use this procedure to determine the power requirements of each device, not the bandwidth requirements. B. Correct: This procedure enables you to view the bandwidth requirements of each device in the Bandwidth-Consuming Devices list on the Advanced tab. C. Incorrect: The Details tab can give you a great deal of information (for example, the device-type GUID) but does not indicate bandwidth requirements. Also, the devices listed are not necessarily those on the USB hub. D. Incorrect: IEEE 1394 bus host controllers are not USB devices. Also, the Resources tab does not show bandwidth requirements. 3. Correct Answers: A and D A. Correct: This permits non-administrators to install any device in the device setup class, provided that the device driver is in the driver store. B. Incorrect: This instructs Windows 7 to search for a device driver in any folder and subfolder on the C: drive. However, administrator privileges are required to copy the driver to the driver store and install it. C. Incorrect: The Trusted Publisher store holds digital certificates that authenticate driver signatures. It does not hold device drivers.
Enables or restricts an assembly s access to submit DNS requests.
If the SqlDataAdapter is not in the Toolbox, right-click the Data section of the Toolbox, select Choose Items, and then select the SqlDataAdapter item on the .NET Framework Components tab. Click OK.
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