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On a Windows 2003 network, different levels of functionality are attainable within a domain or a forest depending on whether all domain controllers in that domain or forest are running Windows Server 2003. The level at which the domain or forest are running is called the functional level.
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Objective 4.8
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SQL Server
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End Module
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Lesson 1: Troubleshooting Physical Server Performance
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E. Create a filter on the Security log. Look only for failure audits and set the Event
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The method you use to view an ISA Server log depends on the type of log and the storage format. Any log stored in the MSDE format can be viewed using the Log Viewer. Logs that are stored in the file format can be viewed with a standard text editor, such as Notepad. Logs that are stored in a SQL database can be viewed using SQL reporting software such as Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services, located at http://www.microsoft.com/sql/reporting/default.asp.
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Lesson 1
In this practice, you will back up the AdventureWorks database by using a series of full, differential, and transaction log backups. 1. Launch SSMS, connect to your SQL Server instance, and open a new query window. 2. Create a directory named c:\test. 3. Execute the following command to create a full database backup:
Managing XML Data
4. 5.
To provide synchronization functionality, five methods must be implemented by the custom synchronization context. These methods basically fall into two categories: operational and functional. The three operational methods (Close, Abort, and Dispose) deal with stopping the threads that are handling requests. The two functional methods (Post and Send) are invoked by the WCF service to ensure that methods are called on the appropriate thread. The operational methods are shown here:
Installing the First Windows Server 2008 Domain Controller in an Existing Forest or Domain
D. Incorrect: The namespace can refer to a valid URL, but its primary purpose is to uniquely identify the Web service and not to reference a company Web site.
Managing Computer Object Permissions
After the remote client, remote server, and network infrastructure are configured, a method must be implemented to authenticate the clients who will be connecting to the remote access server and gaining access to your company s network resources. After all, you do not want unauthorized access to your company s resources to occur on
A policy setting can be configured in more than one GPO, and GPOs can be in conflict with one another. For example, a policy setting can be enabled in one GPO, disabled in another GPO, and not configured in a third GPO. In this case, the precedence of the GPOs determines which policy setting the client applies. A GPO with higher precedence will prevail over a GPO with lower precedence. Precedence is shown as a number in the GPMC. The smaller the number that is, the closer to 1 the higher the precedence, so a GPO with a precedence of 1 will prevail over other GPOs. Select the domain or OU and then click the Group Policy Inheritance tab to view the precedence of each GPO.
Ability to send alert triggers based on specific criteria
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