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You can determine whether Service Pack 2 is installed by viewing the General tab of the System Properties dialog box or by typing winver.exe in the Run dialog box to open the About Windows dialog box. Windows XP Service Pack 2 includes four major enhancements:
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Command objects contain collections of Parameter objects that move data back and forth between the application and the database. Parameters can be Input parameters, Output parameters, or Input/Output parameters.
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Configure support for multiple languages or multiple locations
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For more information about becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional, see the sec tion titled The Microsoft Certified Professional Program later in this introduction.
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USE AdventureWorks;
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For the Debugger or Debug class to function, the build must be performed in Debug mode. If the build is done in any other mode, such as Release, the .NET runtime will effectively ignore any Debug or Debugger statements.
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Practice 1 Locate a complicated SELECT statement in an application. Create a view to encapsulate this complex SELECT statement. Modify the application to reference the view. Practice 2 Locate a deterministic view that is executed frequently and turn it into an indexed view. Observe the performance difference of the indexed view.
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checked against any headers that you have already downloaded so as to avoid duplication. Right-clicking and selecting Catch Up marks all of the articles in the group as read. Doing this when you have finished reading the newsgroup allows you to concentrate only on new content the next time you open the newsgroup. It is also possible in the Read tab of the Windows Mail Options dialog box to have all messages marked as read when you exit a newsgroup. Reading Newsgroups Newsgroups have been around for almost 30 years, which means that many terms are used to describe the same concepts. The terms used by Windows Mail to describe the most basic concepts of newsgroups are messages and conversations. When you read newsgroups, you see the terms posts and articles used to describe messages. A message is a single post made to a newsgroup. A conversation is a group of messages that are either direct or indirect responses to an original post. When reading newsgroups, you see the term thread used interchangeably with the term conversation. When reading newsgroups, you will come across some messages or conversations that you want to follow or make note of. You can do this by using Windows Mail to flag the message or watch the conversation. You flag a message or watch a conversation by selecting a message and then choosing the appropriate option from the Message menu. The difference is as follows:
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to the Report Server database; RSKeyMgmt.exe performs encryption key operations and scale-out deployment setup; RS.exe runs Report Server Script files that can perform report deployment and management operations.
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// C# // Sets the current UI culture to Thailand System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("th-TH");
In fault-tolerant disk configurations, two or more disks are used, and space is allo cated to store data that will enable the system to recover in the event of a single drive failure. The fault tolerance options supported by Windows Server 2003 do not provide a means for a disk volume to continue functioning if two or more disks fail. The operating system allows you to use any two or more disk drives to create fault-tolerant volumes. You do not have to purchase any additional hardware or software to benefit immediately from fault-tolerant server configurations. However, if you use Windows Server 2003 mirrored or RAID-5 volumes, it is best practice to
Incorrect: Robocopy can be used to copy files and their associated NTFS permissions but cannot be used to calculate permissions. B. Incorrect: Icacls can be used to display permissions but cannot be used to calculate the result of cumulative permissions. C. Incorrect: Cipher is used to manage certificates and cannot be used to calculate the result of cumulative permissions. D. Correct: The Effective Permissions tool can be used to calculate the result of cumulative permissions that accrue through multiple group memberships. 4. Correct Answers: A and D A. Correct: Encrypted files remain encrypted when copied or moved to compressed folders. B. Incorrect: Encrypted files remain encrypted when copied or moved to compressed folders. Only unencrypted files become compressed when moved to compressed folders. C. Incorrect: Files retain their original NTFS permissions only when they are moved between folders on the same volume. If you move them between volumes, they inherit the permissions of the destination folder. You can use Robocopy to move files and retain their NTFS permissions, but Robocopy was not mentioned in the question text. D. Correct: Files that are moved using Windows Explorer inherit the NTFS permissions assigned to their destination folder. 5. Correct Answer: B A. Incorrect: EFS can be used to limit which users can access a document by encrypting it only to certain user accounts, but it cannot be used to track which user accounts have been used to access files. B. Correct: Auditing allows you to track which user accounts are used to access files and folders. You can configure auditing to track successful and failed attempts to use any of the special permissions. C. Incorrect: You cannot use NTFS permissions to record which user accounts are used to access documents; you can only use NTFS permissions to restrict which user accounts are used to access documents. D. Incorrect: BranchCache is used to speed up access to files across the wide area network (WAN); it cannot be used to record which user accounts access documents in a sensitive folder. Lesson 3: Managing BranchCache BranchCache is a technology that is new to Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 that speeds up branch office access to files and Web sites hosted on servers across WAN links. BranchCache works by caching content hosted on remote severs in a cache on the local area network (LAN). Rather than retrieving content across the slower WAN link, clients check the locally hosted cache to see if a copy of the data they are requesting is present. If it is present, and certain conditions are met, the client uses the cached copy. If the requested data is not preset, the data is retrieved across the WAN link, stored in the local cache, and then accessed
Lesson 2
Specifying a Maximum Size for Message Tracking Log Files the Message Tracking Log Directory
Note the results of the creation of the TestDB database in Figure 5-4.
The Columns property and the Rows property determine how many pages are shown in the PrintPreviewControl. The Columns property represents the number of pages shown across. For example, if the Columns property is set to 3, a maximum of 3 pages will be shown horizontally. (Although if the PrintDocument being previewed has fewer than 3 pages, only the pages it contains will be shown.) Likewise, if the Rows property is set to 3, a maximum of 3 pages will be shown vertically. The Rows and Columns properties together represent the total number of pages that will be displayed in the PrintPreviewControl. For example, if Rows is set to 3 and Columns is set to 4, the total number of pages that can be displayed at one time is 12. The following example dem onstrates how to set the Rows and Columns properties:
The laptop s screen is a liquid crystal display (LCD) with a backlight to ensure that you can see the screen easily in different environments. Laptop screens vary in size and shape, depending on the manufacturer and model.
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