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Describe the importance of ambiguous error messages and why you should allow only
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Active Directory Users And Computers does not allow the configuration of Termi nal Services.
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Lesson 2: End-to-End Tracing
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Public Function LastName() As String _
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Shared folders provide users with access to resources across the network. As a DST, you must understand how to share folders, how to manage shared folders, and how to troubleshoot shared folder access issues if the need arises. This lesson covers sharing folders on a computer running Windows XP Professional on which Simple File Sharing is disabled. (You will learn more about Simple File Sharing in Lesson 4.)
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Basic disks are the traditional type of storage that is available in earlier versions of Microsoft Windows. Basic disks are also the default storage type in Windows XP, so all hard disks begin as basic disks. Windows XP recognizes all disks as basic by default, including all new installations and upgrades from previous versions of Windows. To use a dynamic disk, you must convert a basic disk to a dynamic disk. On a basic disk, you must create one or more partitions (also called basic volumes). Partitions were covered in detail in 2, Installing Windows XP Professional, but a brief review is in order. You must configure a basic disk with at least one partition. In fact, most computers that you will encounter have a single hard disk with one partition that takes up all the phys-
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' Open the connection before executing the command
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Lesson 2: Optimizing Index Strategies
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Printer auditing creates dozens of entries for a single print job. It is therefore only use ful when troubleshooting very specific problems. Printer auditing should not be used to moni tor use or to bill for printer usage. Instead, performance counters such as Total Jobs Printed or Total Pages Printed should be analyzed.
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Using the scope to determine which computers are included in the exemption
Lesson 1: Creating a Full-Text Catalog
{StartNode | forestroot | domainroot}
dnscmd /enlistdirectorypartition
The correct answers are A and C. B is not correct because the volume must be formatted with NTFS. D is not correct because members of the Power Users group cannot configure quota management settings.
The following sections describe many of the logical elements of Windows Server 2003 networks.
Change of behavior
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