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When the DBA team implements the schema changes, it informs the developers. The developers then check and verify the changes and inform the DBA team whether the changes are good and do not require a review. Until and unless the DBA team receives this verification, schema changes are considered to be temporary and are not propagated to the production database.
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4. Kim wants to view several programs that she recorded using a TV tuner on the Windows Vista computer in her basement on the large plasma screen TV located in her living room. Kim has an Xbox 360 that is connected both to her home network and to the large TV in the living room. How can Kim view her recorded programs A. Connect the Xbox 360 to the Windows Vista computer using an S-Video cable. B. Configure the Windows Vista computer to broadcast an HDTV signal through the TV Tuner. C. Configure the Xbox 360 as a Windows Media Center Extender. D. Configure the Windows Vista computer as a Windows Media Center Extender. 5. Ian wants to rip a DVD and add it to his media library. How can he accomplish this A. He can rip the DVD using Windows Media Player or Windows Media Center. B. He can rip the DVD using Windows Media Player. C. He can rip the DVD using Windows Media Center. D. It is not possible to rip a DVD using Windows Media Player or Windows Media Center.
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The BindingSource component contains the information needed by controls to bind to a BindingSource by passing it a reference to a DataTable in a DataSet. By binding to the BindingSource instead of to the DataSet, you can easily redirect your application to another source of data without having to redirect all the data binding code to point to the new data source. The following code shows how to create a BindingSource and assign it a reference to the Northwind Customers table.
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4. Open the Command Prompt window and at the command prompt, type gpresult.exe. Are there any group policies applied to this computer
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You can use the following questions to test your knowledge of the information in Lesson 2, Evaluating the Integration, Stress, and Performance Test Strategies. The questions are also available on the companion CD if you prefer to review them in electronic form.
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Managing Log File Content
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Private productsBindingSource As BindingSource
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4. When prompted, enter the requested information, including your name, a mes sage, when the invitation should expire, and (optionally) a password to be used to establish the connection. 5. Click Send Invitation.
1. Correct Answer: B A. Incorrect: This approach does not work with a standard invocation. B. Correct: Using an IAsyncResult object and polling for the IsCompleted prop erty to turn true is a valid way of accomplishing this goal. C. Incorrect: IsCompleted isn t necessary when using a callback because the callback sends notification when it has completed. D. Incorrect: Using the OneWay attribute allows a method to execute asyn chronously but does not send any notification about completion.
Before enabling Service Broker on a database, you must create a database master key for that database. If you do not, processes appear to work, but messages are never delivered to the queue.
Custom DNS Suffix Search Lists You can customize suffix searches by creating a DNS suffix search list in the Advanced TCP/IP Settings dialog box, as shown in Figure 4-15.
Add the custom image file to the deployment share After the wizard has completed the deployment to the reference computer, captured an image of the workstation configuration, and saved it to the build computer, you must add that image to the deployment share by using Deployment Workbench before you can use it to install the target workstations on your production network.
Static routes added with the Route command are not persistent unless the p switch is used. As in the following example, use the p switch with the Route command if you want the static route to remain in effect even after the routing computer is rebooted: route add p mask
Identifying Redundancy Requirements
Visual Effect Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing Fade or slide menus into view
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