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Public Overrides Function ProcessMessage( _
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A digital signature is a value that can be appended to electronic data to prove that it was created by someone who possesses a specific private key. Public-key algorithms can also be used to form digital signatures. Digital signatures authenticate the identity of a sender (if you trust the sender's public key) and help protect the integrity of data. A signature can be verified by anyone because the sender s public key can be publicly accessible and is typically included in the digital signature format.
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A. AND Protocol==ESP ServerA(IP) ClientA(IP) B. AND Protocol==AH ServerA(IP) ClientA(IP) C. AND Protocol==ESP ServerA(IP) ANY D. AND Protocol==AH ServerA(IP) ANY
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backup, and Wednesday s incremental backup.
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Using Culture Information
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There are two steps in the creation of a custom synchronization context. The first is to create a class that derives from SynchronizationContext. This class performs all the logic associated with processing the incoming requests. The second piece involves associating the synchronization context with a particular service. The association process can be performed either imperatively or declaratively. The declarative approach requires a custom attribute class to be created. Both methods will be demonstrated shortly. As an example, create a custom synchronization context that uses a thread pool sized through a parameter passed to the constructor. (If you want to run this example, you need a couple of helper classes that are not described in the text. They are available in the <InstallHome>/ 12/SynchronizationContextExample directory on the accompanying CD.) These classes are the WorkerThread class, which is responsible for maintaining information about each thread in the pool, and the WorkItem class, which represents a process that is currently running on the thread. The focus of the code described in the rest of this section is on what needs to be done within the synchronization context class. First, the class must derive from the SynchronizationContext class, and the constructor will contain whatever parameters are required for the custom logic the SynchronizationContext constructor is parameterless.
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This list is provided for your information, and it is unlikely that you will actually have to remember all these f ile types for the exam. Just make a note that f iles like .com, .bat, and .vbs are f iltered, while f ile types such as .doc, .jpg, and .zip are not.
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' VB ' Open file to read the data from Dim fs As FileStream = New FileStream("SerializedDate.Data", FileMode.Open) ' Create a BinaryFormatter object to perform the deserialization Dim bf As BinaryFormatter = New BinaryFormatter ' Create the object to store the deserialized data Dim previousTime As DateTime = New DateTime ' Use the BinaryFormatter object to deserialize the data from the file previousTime = CType(bf.Deserialize(fs),DateTime) ' Close the file fs.Close ' Display the deserialized time Console.WriteLine(("Day: " _ + (previousTime.DayOfWeek + (", Time: " _ + previousTime.TimeOfDay.ToString))))
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Exam Tip
NLB delivers scalability by distributing the incoming network traffic among one or more virtual IP addresses (the cluster IP addresses) assigned to the cluster. NLB employs an algorithm for statistically mapping incoming clients to the cluster hosts based on their IP address. So long as the number of computers in the NLB cluster does not change, the same cluster member will always respond to the same client. Clients accessing the NLB cluster are unable to distinguish the cluster from a single server so that no client configuration is required.
In this exercise you will modify the application created in the first exercise to use a Thread object instead of a delegate. 1. Open your completed application from Exercise 1 or the completed version on the companion CD in the Code folder in the 13 subfolder. 2. In the Code window, change the signature of TimeConsumingMethod as follows:
How to Create Job Steps
Lesson 3: Formatting Settings in Storage
Notification and Zone Transfer Initiation gered by any of three events:
When you enable content download jobs, the actions listed in Figure 6-2 occur: 1. You create a content download job that specifies Web content to be retrieved from the Internet and when content retrieval occurs.
Restoring Backups
4. How can you verify that your computer is compatible with Windows XP Professional and therefore can be upgraded
1. You are a DBA tasked with maintaining an installation of SQL Server 2005.One of your jobs is to determine the index fragmentation levels for all user tables in your database. Which dynamic management view or function can you use to review index fragmentation levels A. sys.dm_db_index_operational_stats B. sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats C. sys.dm_db_missing_index_details D. sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats 2. You are a DBA tasked with maintaining an installation of SQL Server 2005.You need to determine whether your tables contain external fragmentation. Which column would you use to find whether your indexes are externally fragmented A. avg_fragment_size_in_pages B. avg_page_space_used_in_percent C. avg_fragmentation_in_percent D. avg_record_size_in_bytes 3. You are a DBA tasked with maintaining an installation of SQL Server 2005.One of your jobs is to correct the index fragmentation levels for all user tables in your database. During your fragmentation investigation, you determine that an index has external fragmentation levels greater than 30 percent. Which statement would you use to correct this amount of external fragmentation A. ALTER INDEX REBUILD B. ALTER INDEX...REORGANIZE C. ALTER INDEX DISABLE D. ALTER INDEX SET STATISTICS_NORECOMPUTE = ON
IP Address Subnet Mask . Default Gateway
As a DST, you will have to troubleshoot local and domain logon issues. When users cannot log on to their computers or log on to their domains, they cannot work. Network resources cannot be accessed until a user is authenticated, either by their local computer or by a domain controller. You should be able to troubleshoot the possible reasons why the logon is not working, and you should also be able to troubleshoot any startup problems that a user might be experiencing. To answer the questions in this objective, you should know how to reply to questions posed by a user relating to system startup issues. You should also know how to trou bleshoot logon issues, both locally and over a domain.
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