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5. Your computer running Windows XP Professional was configured manually for TCP/IP. You can connect to any host on your own subnet, but you cannot connect to or even ping any host on a remote subnet. What is the likely cause of the problem and how would you fix it
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In this lab you will use DataView objects to sort and filter the data displayed from a DataTable.
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Sharing a File or Folder
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Note that the rule ties the filter list and the filter action and selects the authentica tion method. If no authentication method is specified, Kerberos is used by default. 6. Prepare the filter list and filter action for the second rule. Create a filter list with one filter that triggers on telnet and blocks telnet from all computers:
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ID of the database on which the table or view is defined ID of the table or view on which the index is defined ID of the index Number of seeks by user queries Number of scans by user queries Number of lookups by user queries Number of updates by user queries Time of last user seek Time of last user scan Time of last user lookup
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Performing Filegroup Backups
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2. Which features supported in Windows XP Professional are not supported in Windows XP Home Edition
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Serviced Component Management
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-hmdir HomeDirectory
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Analyzes Web pages that you visit for suspicious characteristics If a Web page is determined to have suspicious characteristics, SmartScreen Filter displays a message advising you to proceed with caution. Checks the sites that you visit against a list of regularly updated known phishing and malware sites When you navigate to a site on this list, SmartScreen Filter blocks you with a warning about the site's problematic content. Checks files that you download from Web sites against known malware SmartScreen Filter presents you with a warning notifying you that the download has been blocked for your safety.
To add security using WSE, you need to add a class to your WSE router that defines at least one policy. You can create two policies that allow for security between the cli ent and the router and also between the router and the Web service. In this lesson, we examine a class that uses a single policy assertion. It is concerned only about security between the client and the router. It then passes the message on to the Web service with no security.
Create a Dynamic Property with Embedded Code
Answer the following questions. If you are unable to answer a question, review the les son materials and try the question again. You can find answers to the questions in the Questions and Answers section at the end of this chapter. 1. In Exercises 1 through 3, you explored an application that did not work correctly when the user was logged on as an administrator. Besides modifying the applica tion, how else could you have resolved the problem What drawbacks would that approach have 2. Least privilege provides which of the following benefits (Choose the best answer.) a. Enables standard users to debug your application line by line b. Grants standard users access to the Security event log c. Allows your application to run with minimal privileges d. Provides standard users access to the .NET Framework
Table 8-7
1. Client computers in a branch office are performing poorly during logon. You notice that the computers report that their logon server is a domain controller in a remote site rather than the domain controller in the branch office itself. Which of the following could cause this problem A. The branch office domain controller is not assigned to a site. B. The branch office site is not assigned to a site link. C. The branch office IP address range is not associated with the site. D. The branch office subnet is assigned to two sites. 2. You are adding a read-only domain controller to a branch office location. You want to ensure that clients in the branch office are likely to authenticate with the RODC. What is required (Choose all that apply.) A. A subnet object with the network prefix of the branch office IP address range B. An account for the domain controller in the organizational unit for the site C. A site link transport for the site D. A site object for the branch office E. A server object in the site object for the branch office
' VB Imports System.Data
Transact-SQL data type truncation
Indicates whether the document is independent of external resources. Property must be set to either yes or no. If this parameter is set to null or Nothing, no value is written to the declaration.
Lesson Review
Encrypted data isn t completely secure
The following references offer more information on both of the SSAS objective domains for Exam 70-448.
Physical Infrastructure
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