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You can install the Remote Desktop Connection software by inserting the Windows XP Professional installation CD-ROM on the client computer. There is a version of the Remote Desktop Connection software for most Windows versions.
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Case Scenario 2: Protecting Data by Using Cryptography
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Exam Tip
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Correct: The share permissions of Read for Joe s user account and the Finance
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Be careful with preconfigured roaming profiles, or any roaming profiles, to pay attention to potential issues related to different hardware on systems to which a user logs on. For example, if desktop shortcuts are arranged assuming XGA (1024 768) resolution, and the user logs on to a system with a display adapter capable of only SVGA (800 600) resolution, some shortcuts might not be visible. Profiles are also not fully cross-platform. A profile designed for Windows 98 will not function properly on a Windows Server 2003 system. You will even encounter inconsistencies when roaming between Windows Server 2003 systems and Windows XP or Windows 2000 Professional.
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Lesson 1
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Seed: 83#ks9034*$30
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Lesson 2: Configuring and Troubleshooting Windows Aero
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The first step in an average Windows Vista clean installation is inserting the installation DVD into the computer s DVD-ROM drive and allowing the computer to boot off the DVD-ROM. Upgrades, covered in detail in 2, Windows Vista Upgrades and Migrations, require that you begin the installation from within Windows XP. Some computers will not automatically boot from the DVD-ROM drive. This bypass is often implemented for security reasons because it is possible to boot into an alternate operating system if you can boot from the DVDROM drive. To change the computer boot order so that the DVD-ROM drive is checked first, you need to enter the computer s BIOS. From here it is possible to configure the boot order.
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Figure 5-4
Objective 2.4 Answers 1.
To learn how to manage application directory partitions, see http://technet2.microsoft.com /WindowsServer/en/library/920d6995-9ee9-46a7-9d1b-320e65c02d1a1033.mspx.
3. You are rolling out servers to provide Internet access to your company s e-com merce application. You anticipate four servers dedicated to the front-end Web application and one server for a robust, active SQL database. Which editions will provide the most cost-effective solution
A disabled computer account
using Reporting Services Security Policy files http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms152828.aspx Code Access Security in Reporting Services http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms154658.aspx
/// Default constructor is required for COM+ registration.
figure 2-18 You open the Locals window by choosing the Debug menu and then choosing
Virtual Memory settings
DhCP Enabled Indicates whether the computer obtained its TCP/IP configuration settings from a DHCP server.
Troubleshooting Database and Server Performance
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