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Table 4-5
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Public Sub OrderService()
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Why This Matters
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Lesson 1: Managing Windows Firewall Lesson 2: Windows 7 Remote Management
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User Accounts
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Filter Operators
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the log learned of the time, and the field names used by the body of the log entry to display data. The body details the log data. There are 16 data entries per logged item, which include information about the date and time the log was written and information about the data that passed. This informa tion tells which types of packets were opened, closed, dropped, and lost; which pro tocol was used in the data transmission; the destination IP address of the data; the port used by the sending computer; the port of the destination computer; and the size of the packet logged. To locate and open the Windows Firewall log file, use these steps: 1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel (in Category View). 2. In Control Panel, click Network And Internet Connections. 3. In the Network And Internet Connections window, click Windows Firewall. 4. In the Windows Firewall dialog box, on the Advanced tab, in the Security Logging section, click Settings. 5. In the Log Settings dialog box, in the Log File Options section, click Save As. 6. In the Save As dialog box, right-click the pfirewall.txt file, and then click Open. 7. After reviewing the firewall log, close the Notepad window, click OK to exit the Log Settings dialog box, and then click OK again to close the Windows Firewall dialog box.
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Lesson 5: Working with XML in DataSet Objects
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Depending on the method you choose for creating images, your lab may require any or all of the following types of computers:
Sites and Replication
us.sales. contoso.com
1. You have created the following objects within the database:
Introduction to ISA Server 2004
BE SURE TO have a boom microphone or a headset that is designed for use with your Tablet PC available before beginning this exercise.
This training kit contains hands-on exercises to help you learn about supporting applications in Windows XP. Use this section to prepare your self-paced training environment.
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