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Objective 1.4: Troubleshoot DHCP 13-47
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Scalability refers to the ability of an application to efficiently utilize resources to accommodate an increased workload. In other words, your application should be able to grow along with the number of users. Even though your application might have a limit to the number of concurrent users it can handle, you should be able to make a change to either the application or the environment that allows it to increase that limit. Typically, scalability is accomplished by increasing the capacity of the server. This is referred to as scaling up; it usually involves adding more processing power or memory to the server. Because no application changes are required when scaling up, this tends to be a preferred method. Another method for scaling your application involves adding additional servers to handle database workload. SQL Server 2005 provides several ways for you to scale out a database application. Which methods you use depends on factors such as the degree of data coupling, the number of application changes, and the maintainability requirements. Application scalability should not be an afterthought in the design and development process. Even if there is only a remote chance that your application will need to accommodate a larger number of users, it should be designed to be scalable from the very beginning. Depending on the technique chosen, implementing application scalability can involve quite a few changes. This lesson will cover several techniques you can use to scale your application. Table 8-1 lists each of these techniques along with their advantages and disadvantages. As you read through the lesson, you can refer to this table and determine which technique is best suited to your application. Keep in mind that it might be necessary to utilize more than one of these techniques.
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To resolve problems involving the taskbar, use the Taskbar And Start Menu Prop erties dialog box. On the Taskbar tab, you can lock or hide the taskbar, group sim ilar items, show Quick Launch, hide inactive icons, and keep the taskbar on top of other windows. To resolve problems involving the Start menu, use the Taskbar And Start Menu Properties dialog box. On the Start menu tab, click Customize to define what should and should not appear on the taskbar, clear the taskbar of recently used programs or documents, and more.
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You are a database developer for Litware, Inc. Your manager has asked you to create a script that lists all user-created tables and views in the Litware_Sales database. This script needs to be generated automatically at 5 P.M. each Friday.
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TCP/IP Overview
As an alternative to SQL Server server-level encryption, you can also use IPSec policies to encrypt traffic to and from Windows-based computers. IPSec policies require no configuration within SQL Server itself, but both endpoints of the encrypted channel must be authenticated by a common authentication system: a trusted CA or an Active Directory domain (Kerberos). Windows Server 2003 includes the following three default IPSec policies, all of which you can deploy through Local Security Policy or Group Policy:
Column Name <inherited columns> is_policy_checked is_expiration_checked password_hash
VPN security is based on the tunneling and authentication protocols that you use and the level of encryption that you apply to VPN connections. ISA Server 2004 supports two VPN tunneling protocols for remote-access connections: PPTP and L2TP/IPSec.
Components\Task Scheduler User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Task Scheduler User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Task Scheduler User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Task Scheduler User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Task Scheduler User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Task Scheduler Prohibit Drag and Drop HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Task Scheduler5.0\DragAndDrop
In Lab 1, you will perform basic administrative tasks using some of the tools mentioned in this lesson. In Exercise 1, you will create a simple Windows-based application that can be used to create a new database on your SQL Server 2005. Exercise 2 will walk you through creating a data-mining structure using SQL Server Business Intelligence Studio. The completed lab is available in the \Labs\ 04 folder on the companion CD.
1. How does a conversation ensure a message order A. Message ID B. Sequence number C. Conversation ID D. Contract ID
" Create message and set properties Dim msg As Message = New Message() SetMessageProperties(msg) " Use the binary formatter for filling the body of the message Dim formatter As BinaryMessageFormatter = New BinaryMessageFormatter() formatter.Write(msg, order) " Send the message using a single MSMQ transaction queue.Send(msg, MessageQueueTransactionType.Single) Console.WriteLine("Message is sent to queue.") Console.WriteLine("Hit enter...") Console.ReadLine() End Sub Private Sub SetMessageProperties(ByVal msg As Message) "... End Sub Private Function GetQueue() As MessageQueue
In this exercise, you set the printer you created to offline status. Taking a printer offline causes documents you send to this printer to be held in the print queue while the print device is unavailable. Doing this will prevent error messages about unavailable print devices from occurring in later exercises. Otherwise, Windows Server 2003 will display error messages when it attempts to send documents to the fictional print device that is not actually available to the computer. 1. In the Printers And Faxes window, right-click the HPLJ8100 icon. 2. Choose Use Printer Offline. Notice that the icon appears dimmed to reflect that the printer is not available, and the status appears as Offline. 3. Double-click the HPLJ8100 icon. Notice that the list of documents to be sent to the print device is empty. 4. Click the Start menu, point to Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Notepad. 5. In Notepad, type any sample text that you want. 6. Arrange Notepad and the HPLJ8100 window so that you can see the contents of each.
Notice that the query uses the SafetyStockLevel attribute and the StockLevel computed column. The StockLevel computed column calculates an imaginary stock level by using a random expression to make the stock level randomly higher or lower than the safety stock level. You will use the StockLevel and SafetyStockLevel fields as parameters to custom functions for defining colors. Click Next.
2. What is the main difference in the authentication process for logging on locally to a computer and logging on to a domain
Lesson 3: Configuring Replication Security
Configuring Security Settings and Internet Options
Describe the basic SQL Server security model, which includes security principals at various levels and securables within various scopes. Describe several fixed server roles and built-in database roles. Describe the difference between Windows authentication mode and mixed authen tication mode (SQL Server and Windows authentication mode). Describe basic Active Directory structures such as domains, forests, and organiza tional units (OUs). Understand some of the guidelines and restrictions for authentication that relate to high-availability solutions such as failover clustering and Database Mirroring.
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