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Exam Highlights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-42
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Real World
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In SQL Server 2005, there are two version stores: the common version store and an online-index-build version store. Version stores contain the following:
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Both symmetric and asymmetric encryption can meet the requirements, but symmetric encryption is the best choice because it minimizes administrative overhead. You can use symmetric key encryption because the data will be transferred between relatively stable computers in remote offices, and because configuring each with a secret key would be easy. Alternatively, you can use asymmetric encryption, configure a key pair at the centralized database, and distribute the public key to each of the remote offices. The application could then use asymmetric encryption to establish session keys to enable symmetric key encryption during the data transfers.
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and then for each zone click Details and click Reset. Finally, restart your browser when you are finished. Practice 3: Investigate the Toolbar Settings In IE7+ click Settings, and select Options. Investigate the options available in the Toolbar Options dialog box, in particular on the Features and More tabs. These are not security settings, but you should nevertheless be familiar with them.
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In the following case scenarios, you will apply what you have learned about Windows Firewall, Remote Assistance, and Remote Desktop. You can find answers to these questions in the Answers section at the end of this book.
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// Call Web service method and display result
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Performing Database Operations Using Command Objects
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In this exercise, you write a basic SELECT statement that retrieves all rows and columns from the ProductSubcategory table. You then modify the statement to modify the result set returned.
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Figure 6-11
Note You can download the Configurerqsforisa.vbs script from http://www.microsoft.com/ downloads/details.aspx FamilyId=3396C852-717F-4B2E-AB4D-1C44356CE37A&displaylang=en
Exam Tip
// Instantiate a CustomersTableAdapter. NorthwindDataSetTableAdapters.CustomersTableAdapter CustomersTableAdapter1 = new NorthwindDataSetTableAdapters.CustomersTableAdapter(); // Call the default Fill method to load all customers into the Customers DataTable. CustomersTableAdapter1.Fill(NorthwindDataSet1.Customers); // Loop through the rows in the Customers table and add the value from the CompanyName column // to the ListBox. foreach (NorthwindDataSet.CustomersRow NWCustomer in NorthwindDataSet1.Customers.Rows) { CustomersListBox.Items.Add(NWCustomer.CompanyName);
Lesson 2: Configuring and Troubleshooting Windows Aero
The SQL Server:Databases object provides the Transactions/sec counter. This counter records only transactions that change data, or explicit transactions. Queries that do not change data are implicit but nevertheless, they are transactions. In spite of this limitation, the Transactions/sec counter is useful for determining whether the number of transactions that run against a database has increased substantially. If the long-term average is (say) 20 transactions per second and you suddenly see readings of 200 transactions per second or more, the problem could be a faulty application, but more likely the server hardware can no longer cope with server activity. The Transactions/sec counter reading indicates how active your SQL Server 2005 system is, rather than any specific fault. A higher value indicates more activity is occurring.
Server 2003 CD-ROM.
For more information about these executables, search for Replication Distribution Agent and Replication Merge Agent in Books Online, or access msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ ms147328.aspx and msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms147839(d=ide).aspx.
Lesson 1: Deploying Applications Using Group Policy and SCCM 2007
Objective 5.2 Answers 1.
Configure, manage, and troubleshoot Internet Explorer security settings. Connect to resources by using Internet Explorer.
Zoom and pan gestures are the most commonly used gestures. It is safe to assume that most users will naturally perform the right-handed gestures panning and pinching to get the desired effect. This is one of the main reasons for providing the legacy support for these gestures. In the previous section, you saw how you can customize the handlers for these gestures. In this section, we ll address the rotate gesture, which after the pan and zoom gestures is probably the most widely used gesture in applications that use surfaces to display content, such as photo viewing and editing or mapping applications.
Objective 4.6
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