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3. Make sure the Category column is wide enough that you can identify the types of events that are logged. 4. Explore the events that have been generated by recent activity. Note the failed logons, the successful logons, and the resetting of Scott Bishop s password.
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Windows Vista starts. Host a Windows Meeting Space meeting. Invite the person logged on to People Near Me on that computer to the meeting. Share the Windows Calculator application.
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For more information, search for What are basic and dynamic disks in Windows Help and Support.
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Troubleshooting Encryption Issues
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FiGURe 8-9 The syntax and result set for forms of the verb read
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RSACryptoServiceProvider myRSA = new RSACryptoServiceProvider(persistantCsp);
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Lesson 2: Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues
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Figure 8-1
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Lesson 2
The computer name you assign must conform to the restrictions of DNS-supported characters defined in Request for Comments (RFC) 1123. According to these restric tions, the name you assign must not exceed 63 bytes, and it can only include the fol lowing characters:
Manage data in a .NET Framework application by using specialized collections. (Refer System.Collections.Specialized namespace)
1 examined what each of the Exchange Server 2007 administrative roles is used for. Once Exchange is installed, it is possible to use the Exchange Management Console to apply these roles to particular users. To do this, open the Exchange Management Console, right-click the Organization Configuration node, and then click Add Exchange Administrator. This will start the Add Exchange Administrator Wizard. As shown in Figure 2-5, you browse to select a user or group and select the role and scope of the role. It is necessary to specify servers for a role only if the Exchange Server administrator role is assigned. If you are assigning the Exchange Server administrator role, you must ensure that the user or group you have assigned this role to is a member of the Local Administrators group on the server you have designated. If the user or group does not have membership of the Local Administrators group, they will be unable to perform some or all of their tasks.
To perform work concurrently, use the Thread class. To start thread execution, use the Thread class s Start method. To wait on threads to complete, use the Thread class s Join method. To cancel execution of a thread, use the Thread class s Abort method. To share data across threads, use the ExecutionContext class.
Plan an OU structure that allows the fewest GPOs possible. The more GPOs you have associated with any object, the longer it takes for users to log on to the network. Create top-level OUs based on objects or tasks and create lower-level OUs to con trol Group Policy. Create additional organizational units to avoid the need to use filters to exempt a group of users in an organizational unit from a GPO.
Figure 13-5 Failed test results.
a Pentium III-compatible, 600-MHz processor with a 1-GHz or faster processor recommended for optimal performance. Remember that this is a minimum requirement, and as with all SQL Server 2005 requirements, DBAs should insist on multiple fast processors for their production installations.
For optimum performance, the value returned for avg_fragmentation_in_percent should be as close to zero as possible. Typically, however, values up to 10 percent are acceptable. You can use all methods of reducing fragmentation such as rebuilding, reorganizing, or re-creating indexes to reduce these values.
Case Scenario Exercises
Configure general properties for user accounts by using the General tab Add a user account to groups by using the Members tab Configure a user profile by using the Profile tab
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