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Figure 8-23: Standard permissions When you set the Allow permissions for some permission types, other Allow permissions are included automatically. For example, if you set the Read & Execute (Allow) permission, Windows automatically sets the List Folder Contents (Allow) and Read (Allow) permissions. Similarly, a Deny permission for one permission type can also apply to other permission types. The permissions that also apply when you assign a particular type of permission are included in Table 8-1.
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1. Correct Answer: B A. Incorrect: The MailMessage class does not have a Send method. B. Correct: To send a message, create an instance of SmtpClient and call the Send method. C. Incorrect: There is no SmtpServer class. D. Incorrect: There is no MailClient class. 2. Correct Answers: C and D A. Incorrect: self is not a special keyword. The runtime would attempt to resolve the name as a DNS address. B. Incorrect: 10.1 is a private IP address, but it does not describe the local computer. The runtime would attempt to deliver the message to a computer at that IP address. C. Correct: localhost is a special keyword that always describes the local computer. D. Correct: 120.0.1 is a special IP address that always describes the local computer. 3. Correct Answer: A A. Correct: The runtime throws SmtpFailedReceipientException if the SMTP server rejects an e-mail address. B. Incorrect: SmtpFailedReceipientsException is used internally by the runtime. Your application will never catch an exception of this type. C. Incorrect: The runtime throws SmtpException for problems related to contacting the SMTP server. D. Incorrect: There is no SmtpClientException class. 4. Correct Answer: D A. Incorrect: You do not need to specify credentials to use SSL. B. Incorrect: You do not need to change the delivery method. The default value of SmtpDeliveryMethod.Network is correct. C. Incorrect: You do not need to change the port. SMTP uses the same port for both encrypted and non-encrypted communications (TCP 25). D. Correct: The only property you need to set is EnableSsl. It should be set to True.
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When you create a basic or dynamic volume, you assign it a drive letter, such as C or D. The drive letter is used to access the volume through Windows Explorer and other applications. Floppy drives, CD-ROM and DVD drives, removable drives, and tape devices are also assigned drive letters. To change the currently assigned drive letter for a volume, right-click the volume in Disk Management, select Change Drive Letter And Paths from the Action menu, and then click Change. Note that you can change a volume only to a drive letter that is not already being used.
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Lesson 3: Maintaining and Optimizing Indexes
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Next, assume that you have determined that your database application generates a throughput of 600 reads and 200 writes per second during peak usage. Theoretically, this throughput can be accommodated by a RAID 1, RAID 5, or RAID 10. In a RAID 1 configuration, the number of writes is doubled, which adjusts your I/O throughput levels to 600 reads and 400 writes per second, or 1000 IOPS. If you then divide this I/O load between two disks, you arrive at 500 IOPS per disk, far exceed ing the 300 IOPS throughput capacity of the physical drives and your target maxi mum of 255. In other words, a RAID 1 configuration simply cannot accommodate this particular database application workload with the physical drives you are plan ning to use. In a RAID 5 configuration, the total number of I/Os is increased by a value equal to four times the number of writes. This adjusts your I/O throughput levels to 1400 per second because [600 + (200 4)] = [600 + 800] = 1400. Unlike a RAID 1, a RAID 5 configuration does not specify a number of disks to use, so in the case of a RAID 5 you can simply determine how many disks are necessary to bring the throughput load beneath your target of 255 IOPS per disk. To do so, divide the new total of I/Os per second by the target throughput: in this case, 1400 / 255 = 5.49. Because the value 5.49 is not a whole number, you should round up to the next whole number to deter mine the minimum number of drives necessary in the RAID 5 configuration. In this case you need a minimum of six physical disks to accommodate the throughput requirements (not the storage requirements) of the database workload.
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You should use the default configuration (where site-link transitivity is enabled) anytime it is possible. The two reasons you ll see on the exam for disabling transitivity and using site-link bridges are when you want total control over replication paths (due to WAN link limitations of firewall configurations) and when your network is not fully routed.
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In addition to viewing the System Summary, you can also find more detailed informa tion in the following categories:
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Lesson 1: Installing and Configuring Initial Instances of SSRS
The Files And Settings Transfer Wizard simplifies the task of moving data files and personal settings from your old computer to your new one. The Files And Settings Transfer Wizard can move your display settings, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express options, dial-up connections, and your folder and taskbar options to your new computer.
Configure access to shared folders.
The two basic options for deploying applications on Windows 7 workstations are to install them on a server or on the individual workstations. As mentioned earlier, the ramifications of this decision extend throughout the deployment process. To install applications on the clients, you must have workstations with sufficient hardware to run the applications, and you must perform an installation of each application on each computer. In a server-based deployment, you install a single copy of each application on a server and deploy it to the clients using a technology such as Remote Desktop Services.
1. In Visual Studio, create a new Windows Forms application.
Decide whether existing functionality can be implemented or inherited. Decide how to handle unmanaged and managed resources. Decide which extensibility features are required. Decide whether a component must be multithreaded. Decide which functions to implement in the base class, abstract class, or sealed class. Analyze data relationships. Analyze the data handling requirements of a component. Decide when it is appropriate to raise an exception. Decide how a component will handle exceptions. Considerations include catching and throwing a new exception; catching, wrapping, and throwing the wrapped exception; catching and terminating, and so on. Identify potential issues, such as resource leaks and performance gaps, by profiling a component. Decide when to stop profiling on a component. Decide whether to redesign a component after analyzing the profiling results.
The correct answer is b.
1. You have several computers that you want to upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate. Prior to performing the upgrade, you want to run the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor. Which of the following operating systems can you evaluate using this tool (Choose all that apply.) A. Windows 2000 Professional B. Windows XP Professional C. Windows Vista Home Basic D. Windows Me
If two or more counters are being monitored, you must select each counter and set the Alert When The Value Is, Limit, Interval, and Units fields. The Comment field and Run As field will be used for all counters in an alert.
Lesson 3: Accessing Resources with Least Privilege
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