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Key Points
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Objective 3.4 Answers 1.
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this.GetCompanyNameAsync(tickerSymbol, null);
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installation method to concurrently install Windows XP Professional on multiple computers.
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Policies and Public Folders
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1. What are the three ways that you can configure reports to run 2. What are the two types of subscriptions
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Estimated lesson time: 60 minutes
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Sites and Replication
Allows you to download signed ActiveX controls Disables the downloading of ActiveX controls Prompts you each time a page has an ActiveX control
that will consume a component.
6. Click on New E-mail Address Policy under the Actions pane. This will launch the New E-Mail Address Policy Wizard. In the Name text box, type WINGTIPTOYS and ensure that All recipient types is selected, as shown in Figure 8-13. Click Next.
Note You must be a local administrator on the SUS server to administer and configure Software Update Services. This is another consideration as you review dedicating the SUS server. With a dedicated SUS ser ver, you can delegate administration of SUS without inadvertently delegating authority over other server roles or applications.
Lesson Summary
inner join
Lesson 2: Customizing Regional and Language Settings. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-21
The definition of a partition function does not provide a clause for an object, column, or storage. This means that a partition function is a stand-alone object that you can apply to multiple tables, indexes, or indexed views if you choose.
When you use more than one computer or are upgrading to a newer, faster, or more powerful computer, you might need to move data from one computer to another. The Files and Settings Transfer Wizard helps you move both your data files and your personal settings between computers. For example, you can take your personal display properties, folder and taskbar options, and Internet browser and e-mail settings from one computer and transfer them to another. The wizard also moves specific files or entire folders, such as My Documents, My Pictures, and Favorites.
End While ' Close the data reader and the connection
Select Currency from the Format String drop-down list, as Figure 6-15 shows. Click the Calculation Properties button on the toolbar. In the Calculation Properties dialog box, expand the Calculation Name drop-down list, and then select the [Measures].[Sales Amount] calculated member.
Workgroup Yes (Reporting Services only) No
Case Scenario 2: Creating a Simple Game
DataTable Events
As you prepare to deploy a back-to-back firewall solution using ISA Server 2004, Enterprise Edition, there are a variety of considerations that must be addressed in your planning. These include the following:
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