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Practice tests
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Figure A-2
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Analyzing an Existing Infrastructure
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Lesson 3
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supports cancellation. You can call the CancelAsync method to attempt to cancel the operation; doing so sets the CancellationPending property of the BackgroundWorker component to True. By polling the CancellationPending property of the BackgroundWorker component, you can determine whether or not to cancel the operation.
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Using Application Deployment Tools
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Before I introduce the calling code, note what has changed here.
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Constructing paths between tasks.
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Table 2-1
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29,141 pages 46,647 pages 1,346 pages
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=15+2*4 adds 15 to 8 (2 times 4).
Dim order1 As QueueData.ShippingOrder = CreateOrder(shipTo) " Send the message using typed queue
Do not leave DNS debug logging enabled during normal operation because it con sumes both processing and hard disk resources. Enable it only when diagnosing and solving DNS problems.
In Lesson 2, you learned that a user or computer can be within the scope of multiple GPOs. Group Policy inheritance, filters, and exceptions are complex, and it s often difficult to determine just which policy settings will apply. Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP) is the net effect of GPOs applied to a user or computer, taking into account GPO links, exceptions such as Enforced and Block Inheritance, and the application of security and WMI filters. RSoP is also a collection of tools that help you evaluate, model, and troubleshoot the application Group Policy settings. RSoP can query a local or remote computer and report back the exact settings that were applied to the computer and to any user who has logged on to the computer. RSoP can also model the policy settings that are anticipated to be applied to a user or computer under a variety of scenarios, including moving the object between OUs or sites or changing the object s group membership. With these capabilities, RSoP can help you manage and troubleshoot conflicting policies. Windows Server 2008 provides the following tools for performing RSoP analysis:
The SQLServer:Latches object provides counters to monitor internal SQL Server resource locks called latches. Monitoring the latches to determine user activity and resource usage can help you to identify performance bottlenecks. SQL Server 2005 provides three counters that you can use to measure latch activity:
Modifying a Cube with the Cube Designer
' VB SalesHistoryDataSet.Merge(OldSalesDataSet, True, MissingSchemaAction.Ignore) // C# SalesHistoryDataSet.Merge(OldSalesDataSet, true, MissingSchemaAction.Ignore);
The Process Class
Lesson 1: Creating and Configuring Connection Objects
Create global groups that help organize users. For example, you might create a group named Executives. Place global groups inside domain local groups. Do not place users into universal groups only into global groups. This helps cut down on replication of objects to the Global Catalog. Instead, universal groups should be used to hold global groups with common requirements.
IP: Total Length = 328 (0x148) IP: Identification = 0 (0x0) IP: Flags Summary = 0 (0x0) IP: .......0 = Last fragment in datagram
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