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In this lab, you will create a simple console application that loads the HttpUtility class from the System.Web assembly and use it to encode some text in HTML. If you encounter a problem completing an exercise, the completed projects are available on the companion CD in the Code folder. 1. Create a console application, and call it DynamicCodeDemo. 2. In the main code file, add an include statement (or Imports for Visual Basic) to the System.Reflection namespace. 3. In the main method of the code file, create a new string that is a file path to the System.Web assembly in the Framework directory. 4. Create a new Assembly object, and load the System.Web assembly using the string from step 3. 5. Create a new instance of the Type class to get the System.Web.HttpUtility class inside the Assembly object created in step 4. 6. Get MethodInfo objects for the HtmlEncode and HtmlDecode methods by calling GetMethod on the new Type object. 7. Create a new string that has elements that would need to be encoded (for example, < , > , or & ). Write the string out to the console. 8. Using the HttpEncode s MethodInfo object, encode your string to create a new encoded string. Write this string out to the console. 9. Using the HttpDecode s MethodInfo object, decode your string to create a new decoded string. Write this string out to the console. The resulting code might look similar to this:
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Name DefineConstructor DefineDefaultConstructor DefineEvent DefineField DefineGenericParameters DefineMethod DefineMethodOverride DefineNestedType DefinePInvokeMethod DefineProperty
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MinMargins ShowHelp ShowNetwork
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The Event log can be configured to record a vast amount of information about the sys tem. Being able to sift that data to find a particular set of events can be difficult unless you know how to filter the logs to show only the type of information in which you are interested. Events in the Event log can be filtered in several ways. The first is by specifying the event type, which can be Information, Warning, Error, Success Audit, or Failure Audit. The next type is the Event Source, the system or service on the Windows Server 2003 server that has generated the event. The category lists which subsystem of the server has generated the event. Events can also be filtered by Event ID, User name, Computer name, and can be limited to a specific set of dates. Efficiently filtering the Event log can quickly allow an administrator to view only the relevant data and not have to wade through events that are irrelevant to the task at hand.
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Locate a production SQL Server in your organization (it can be one with an earlier version of SQL Server). Using Query Analyzer or SQL Server Management Studio, examine the stored procedures and user-defined functions and look for the use of cursors. If you locate any, see whether there is a way to rewrite the cursor using one of the alternatives suggested in this chapter.
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as much workspace as possible and wants you to make several changes:
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Page reads represents the number of 8-kilobyte data pages accessed by the SQL Server storage engine while executing a query. You can retrieve this metric by executing SET STATISTICS IO ON. This will cause each query execution to output something similar to the following in the Messages tab of the query window:
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Hardware drivers are software that govern the interactions between Windows and a hardware device. Device Manager provides a simple method of viewing and updating drivers for any device in the system. Windows XP also supports driver signing, which provides a method to verify that Microsoft has tested the designated device drivers for reliability.
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Lesson 2: Declarative Data integrity
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Lesson 3: Implementing MDI Forms
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Figure 3-13
figURE 3-12 Mounting an image file with DISM.exe
Lesson 2: Designing Filegroups
USE master; GO EXEC sp_addumpdevice 'disk', 'diskback', 'c:\backups\diskback.bak';
Group Accounts
Companies and clients want to hire and keep the best DSTs that they can find, and they look for several specific traits and qualities. It does not matter whether you work in a corporate environment or offer in-home computer repair services; the traits and skills are the same. To be the best DST you can be, work to demonstrate as many of the fol lowing qualities as possible.
Figure 2-8
Creating an Ad Hoc Wireless Network to Share Data
1. From the Start menu, click Printers And Faxes. 2. In the Printers And Faxes window, click Add A Printer. 3. In the Add Printer Wizard, on the Welcome To The Add Printer Wizard page, click Next. 4. On the Local or Network Printer page, click Local Printer Attached To This Computer and clear the Automatically Detect And Install My Plug And Play Printer check box. Click Next. 5. On the Select A Printer Port page, click Create A New Port; and on the Type Of Port drop-down list, select LPR Port. Click Next.
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