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Configuring and troubleshooting Outlook Express.
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Exam Tip When you need to minimize name resolution traffic across WAN links without increasing zone transfer traffic, install a caching-only server.
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Group Policy Software Installation (GPSI) can be used to deploy, maintain, upgrade, and remove software. You can assign a software package in the Computer Configuration portion of a GPO. Client computers within the scope of the GPO will install the application at startup. You can assign a software package in the User Configuration portion of a GPO. The application will be installed when a user launches the application by using a shortcut in the Start menu or opens a file type associated with the application. You can optionally configure a user assigned application to install at logon. You can publish a software package in the User Configuration portion of a GPO. The application will be advertised in the Programs And Features Control Panel application on Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista clients and in the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel application on Windows XP clients. Transforms (.mst files) can be used to modify the behavior of a Windows Installer package deployed using GPSI. Applications managed using GPSI can be redeployed or removed by the software installation extension. A software package can be configured to upgrade other applications deployed using GPSI. GPSI settings are not applied when a slow link is detected.
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10. Right-click the ServiceConsoleHost project, click Add, and then click New Item. 11. Select Application Configuration File and click Add to add the App.config file to your project. In Visual Basic, Application Configuration File is located beneath the General category. 12. Add the following code to the configuration file within the configuration element:
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Hardening ASP.NET Applications data matrix generator
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to right-click a misspelled word, click AutoCorrect, and then click the proper
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Stateful Filtering
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Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-37
Which of the following package configuration file locations can store more than one package configuration file (Choose all that apply.) A. XML configuration file B. Environment variable C. Registry entry D. SQL Server table
Configuring Button Behavior and Security
' VB Try Dim sr As StreamReader = New StreamReader("text.txt") Console.WriteLine(sr.ReadToEnd) Catch ex As System.IO.FileNotFoundException Console.WriteLine("The file could not be found.") Catch ex As System.UnauthorizedAccessException Console.WriteLine("You do not have sufficient permissions.") Catch ex As Exception Console.WriteLine("Error reading file: " + ex.Message) End Try
Sometimes it is quicker to execute a Transact-SQL command to perform a one-off index rebuild, defragmentation, or statistics update than it is to go through the process of building a maintenance plan. This section provides the Transact-SQL code used to perform some of the maintenance tasks that you can configure using the Maintenance Plan Wizard.
The first, and probably most familiar, is a pseudo real time graph illustrating a number of settings. Figure 15-1 shows an example of this type of view.
Lessons in this chapter:
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