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Table 6 1: Policies Compared to Preferences Policy defined Preference defined Behavior No No Default No Yes Preference configures Yes No Policy configures Yes Yes Policy configures, ignoring the preference Windows XP combines policies together in a Group Policy object (GPO). In Active Directory, you have multiple GPOs, which apply to users and computers, depending on where they are in the directory. In Windows XP, you have only one GPO, and that's the local GPO. Settings in this GPO apply to the local computer and every user who logs on to it. Because the local GPO is the first GPO that Windows XP applies when it starts and when users log on to it, network GPOs can override settings in it. For example, if you define a local policy that enables you to install Windows Installer based programs with elevated privileges but the network administrator sets a network policy that disallows that, the network policy wins, and you won't be able to install these programs unless you're a local administrator for that computer; otherwise, you can install Windows Installer based programs no matter the group in which your account is a member. GPOs include settings for both computer configurations and user configurations. Because Group Policy settings apply to either computers or users, GPOs contain branches for each: Computer Configuration. These are per computer policy settings that specify operating system behavior, desktop behavior, security settings, computer startup and shutdown scripts, computer assigned applications, and application settings. Windows XP applies per computer policies when the operating system starts and at regular intervals. User Configuration. These are per user policy settings that specify operating system behavior, desktop settings, security settings, assigned and published applications, folder redirection settings, user logon and logoff scripts, and application settings. Windows XP applies per user policies when the user logs on to the computer and at regular intervals. You edit the local GPO using the Group Policy editor, shown in Figure 6 1. To open the Group Policy editor, type gpedit.msc in the Run dialog box. The left and right panes you see in the editor are similar to those in Registry Editor (Regedit), so I won't explain how to use them here. Immediately under Local Computer Policy, you see Computer Configuration and User 129
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Objective 4.8 Answers 1.
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3. You have a database of users that is capable of exporting CSV files. Can you use such a file, or must you create an *.ldf file manually for importing
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' VB button1.Left = 10 button1.Top = 10 // C# button1.Left = 10; button1.Top = 10;
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The DataGridView raises a CellValidating event through which you can add code that verifies that the value in a column conforms to your business rules and application logic. You can format the look of a DataGridView using styles and custom painting.
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Network Adapter Properties dialog box, Driver tab
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ImpersonationOption Required Allowed Allowed NotAllowed NotAllowed
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17. Open both monitors to the Quick Mode, Statistics node and examine the parame ters Key Additions, Key Deletions, and Rekeys. What do you find
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Table 10-4 Conflict Types
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Real World
For more information about working with spatial data in SQL Server 2008, see Spatial Ed at http://blogs.msdn.com/edkatibah/.
Lesson 2: Working with Sequential Lists
Quick Check Answers
Enabling ad hoc SQL
Backing Up and Restoring Data
Figure 10-18: RD Gateway policies These policies work as follows: Set RD Gateway authentication method When the policy is set to Not Configured or Disabled, the authentication method specified by the user is used. When enabled, the administrator can choose to allow the user to change the setting, or the administrator can select among the following options:
Lesson 1: Configuration Settings
Identify and Troubleshoot Name-Resolution Problems
3. You log on to the domain, map a drive to the share \\\share, and then copy some files. You then use Kerbtray.exe to examine the Kerberos tickets. You find a ticket for your account and the service krgbt. You do not find a ticket for CIFS for this server. What is the most likely reason for this problem a. The ticket with the service krgbt is the ticket for this type of connection. b. Using the IP address instead of server name means NTLM will be used. c. The Kerbtray.exe utility shows only TGT tickets, and the share ticket is a user or session ticket. d. The Kerbtray.exe utility shows only session tickets, and the share ticket is a TGT ticket.
Objective 1.3: Design a cursor strategy for a data access component Objective 2.3: Design a cursor strategy
An owner of a file reports that users can access the file but cannot make changes. The owner wants users to be able to make changes. The owner of a file dragged the file to the Shared Documents folder and logged off the computer. When others log on, no one can access or even view the Shared Documents folders. A user wants to share a file and assign specific permissions from the Security tab. However, the Security tab is not available.
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