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Objective 5.1: Monitor Network Traffic
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Debug Logging Tab
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Which of the following application deployment methods requires the least amount of installation time and interaction at the target workstation
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Key Terms
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The General tab details the device status.
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In other words, the company managers had spent a lot of money on what they considered a perfect solution. My function as a consultant was to tell them how clever they had been. I wrote my report and submitted my account with no real expectation it would be paid. It was not. Two months later, the company went out of business. I never did discover why, but I can guess. Back up your data.
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Lab: Reducing Assembly Impersonation Vulnerabilities
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Each remote access policy is based on policy conditions that determine when the policy is applied. For example, a policy might include a condition that Windows-Groups matches DOMAIN1\Telecommuters; this policy would then match a connection whose user belongs to the Windows global security group Telecommuters. Figure 10-15 shows such a policy.
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This training kit contains hands-on exercises to help you learn about deploying, managing, and troubleshooting a network infrastructure. Use this section to prepare your self-paced training environment. To complete some of these procedures, you must have two networked computers and a means of connecting both computers to the Internet. Both computers must also be capable of running Windows Server 2003.
XmlWriter aWriter;
For details about all the practice test options available, see the How to Use the Practice Tests section in this book s Introduction.
Introduction to Active Directory and Network Infrastructure
implementing a Simple Service broker Solution
Use the following questions to help determine whether you have learned enough to move on to the next lesson. If you have difficulty answering these questions, review the material in this lesson before beginning the next lesson. You can find answers to these questions in the Questions and Answers section at the end of this chapter. 1. What are two advantages of sharing a printer
Windows authentication mode provides the highest level of security for authenticating user access to a SQL Server instance. But if you have legacy applications that do not use Windows user accounts, you need to use Mixed Mode authentication.
A lost update can be interpreted in one of two ways. In the first scenario, a lost update is considered to have taken place when data that has been updated by one transaction is overwritten by another transaction, before the first transaction is either committed or rolled back. This type of lost update cannot occur in SQL Server 2005 because it is not allowed under any transaction isolation level. The other interpretation of a lost update is when one transaction (Transaction #1) reads data into its local memory, and then another transaction (Transaction #2) changes this data and
PRODUCT This command will output to the console the results of a query for all installed software on the local computer.
For more information about ASP .NET authentication, authorization, and impersonation, see 9, Lesson 1 and Lesson 2.
</endpoint> </service> </services> </system.serviceModel> </configuration>
MS Firewall Control Protocol An outbound TCP protocol defined on Port 3847. It is used for communications between ISA Server Management and computers running ISA Server services. MS Firewall Storage Protocol An inbound LDAP-based protocol that uses Ports 2171 (for non-SSL connections) and 2172 (for SSL connections). Array members communicate with the Configuration Storage server using the MS Firewall Storage protocol. Computers running ISA Server Management also use the MS Firewall Storage protocol to read from and write to the Configuration Storage server. MS Firewall Storage Replication Protocol An outbound TCP protocol defined on Port 2173. MS Firewall Storage Replication is used for configuration replication between Configuration Storage servers. network load balancing (NLB) A Windows network feature that is used to create a cluster of computers that can be addressed by a single cluster IP address. NLB provides load balancing and high availability for IP-based services.
the Driver Signing option on the Hardware tab of the System Properties dialog box. However, the option to disable driver signing is not available to her. What must you do to enable the user to control driver signing on her computer
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