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Make QR Code in C# Introduction to Active Directory and Network Infrastructure

Practice 1 Create a custom class that implements the necessary interfaces to
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Lesson 1
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Figure 1-4: Select the network type After you complete these steps, you are logged on to the Windows 7 installation with the local administrative account. It may be necessary, at this stage, to install extra device drivers manually for hardware whose drivers were not installed automatically during installation. You will learn more about configuring device drivers for Windows 7 in 4, "Managing Devices and Disks." Dual-Boot Installations Dual-boot installations allow you to have two or more operating systems installed on the same computer. For example, you can dual-boot between Windows XP and Windows 7 or between Windows Vista and Windows 7. When you configure a computer to dual-boot, you decide which operating system to run at boot time by selecting it from a menu, as shown in Figure 1-5.
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Increase the amount of RAM to 128 MB. While logged on to the existing installation of Windows NT Workstation 3.51, run Winnt32.exe from the Windows XP Professional installation CD-ROM and choose to perform a New Installation. Answer the prompts during installation. When prompted, type the appropriate domain name.
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The first time that a stored procedure is accessed, SQL Server generates compile and execution plans that are stored in the query cache and reused for subsequent executions. Therefore, you can receive a slight performance benefit when using a stored procedure by avoiding the need to parse, compile, and generate a query plan on subsequent executions of a stored procedure. However, the main purpose of a stored procedure is to provide a security layer and an API to your databases that isolate applications from changes to the database structure. The generic syntax to create a stored procedure is
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Installing SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition 180-Day Evaluation
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You can also programmatically determine the index of an item that has been selected by the user by using the SelectedIndex property. The SelectedIndex property returns the item that has been selected in the user interface at run time. If more than one item has been selected, the SelectedIndex property can return any of the selected items. The SelectedIndex property is demonstrated here:
Lesson Review
When a bid is created, all relevant parties need to review it. This means that engineering, service, training, shipping, and I (sales manager) all need to review and approve the bid before a final copy can be sent to the customer. In addition, we all will be reviewing and reporting on these quotes on a weekly basis. The sales reps must be able to get a quote relatively quickly; sometimes a rough quote is given over the phone. The site should allow them to get in and retrieve this information with response times under five seconds. Project manager Management has their eye on this project. We need to show more than just status; we need to show quality measures as we build the application. This means we need to know which tests are passing and which are failing. We need to report on these tests every week. Development manager We have one senior developer on the project to bring everything together. This developer works in my department and reports to me. We are going to rely on the engineering support team to provide a developer for their work. We will be using our shipping vendor to build and help test their piece. Each of these developers will be working independently on his or her part of the system. These items need to get integrated at the end of the project. The architect has already stubbed out the integration interfaces. This will allow the developers to code against these dummy interfaces and get a response. We want to use automated unit testing on this project. It would be nice if developers were forced to have 75 percent or greater code coverage for their unit tests prior to checking in their code. Test manager We have only a single full-time tester at the moment. This resource has already been working with the business analysts to define test cases for the application. In addition, the tester was recently given training in Visual Studio Team Test. Application support manager Right now we get a lot of complaints about slow network traffic on Monday mornings when the weekly report updates come out. I hope this slowdown doesn t affect this application. Some of our users are working from home. Some of these users have a dial-up connection, some DSL, and some cable modems. I would say that 90 percent of the users are on the LAN and 10 percent are connected by other means.
Viewing statistics
If part of your code needs to use a permission that you previously blocked with Deny or PermitOnly, use the System.Security.CodeAccessPermission.RevertDeny or System.Security.CodeAccessPermission.RevertPermitOnly static methods to re-enable the permission.
Lesson 2: Encrypting SQL Server Traffic
Figure 6-5
The third method also must have IsInitiating set to false. However, the intent is for this method to be the last method called. For this reason, the IsTerminating property must be set to true. Change the method declaration (as shown in bold) to the following:
Configuring Power Options
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