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Lesson 1: You Can Tune an Application
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Drag the control from the Toolbox to the surface of the form or container control. Select a control in the Toolbox, and then draw it on the form with the mouse. Select a control in the Toolbox and double-click the form. Double-click the control in the Toolbox.
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roubleshooting is a primary skill for every IT professional. After you learn it, you can apply the basic techniques for isolating and identifying a technical problem to almost any situation. In this chapter and the next one, you learn some general principles of troubleshooting and apply them to some of the most common issues facing Windows 7 desktop administrators.
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Processor % Processor Time for _Total Instance
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To complete the practices, examples, and lab exercises in this chapter, you must have one computer running Microsoft Windows Server 2003. During the course of performing the exercises in this chapter, the computer s security can be reduced. Therefore, the computer should not be a production computer and should not be connected to any network, especially the Internet, even if a firewall is present. Install Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 using the default settings.
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When moving a storage group in an SCC, use the Move-StorageGroupPath cmdlet from the cluster s active node. Databases will be dismounted during the move, and the new location cannot be the root directory of a volume. Databases will be remounted once the move has successfully completed. To move mailboxes on an Exchange Server 2007 server configured to use single copy cluster, use the Move-DatabasePath cmdlet. The Move-DatabasePath cmdlet automatically dismounts the mailbox database prior to removing it. The database will automatically be remounted when the move is complete. The new location of the database cannot be the root directory of a volume.
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In this practice, you use NTFS compression to compress files and folders. You uncompress a file and test the effects that copying and moving files have on compression. In the last portion of the practice, you create a compressed folder using the Compressed Folders feature.
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Options tab.
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C. Correct: These procedures accomplish all the stated goals in an efficient manner. The steps to add the computers to the domain can be partially automated through a script, but the laptop computers were delivered with Windows XP Professional already installed, so it might be faster do that manually. When scheduling the USMT tools to run, make sure that the scheduled job is run in the context of an account that belongs to the local Administrators group. D. Incorrect: The FSTW is an interactive tool that cannot be run silently from a command line. In other words, scheduling the tool in this manner does not accomplish the goal of copying user data and settings. Additionally, there is nothing in this answer to suggest that the computers were added to the Active Directory domain.
2. Although not listed in the toolbox, Access is one of the many database sources
To explain how workgroups work, you must know the following things:
For more information on the performance of disk subsystems, download the white paper titled Disk Subsystem Performance Analysis for Windows from /subsys_perf.mspx.
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a. Configure Automatic Updates B. Allow Non-Administrators To Receive Update Notifications c. No Auto-Restart With Logged On Users For Scheduled Automatic Updates
Case Scenario 1: Designing a Complex User Interface
If you plan to distribute an MMC with specific functions, you can set the desired user mode, then save the console. By default, consoles will be saved in the Administrative Tools folder in the users profile. Table 2-2 describes the user modes that are available for saving the MMC.
Lesson Review Options
Installing ISA Server 2004
You are a DST for a small restaurant that has 15 Windows XP Professional worksta tions. The owner of the company is planning on expanding her business to Asia, and she wants to know whether she can have her computer display Japanese characters in e-mail messages and Microsoft Word documents. How should you configure her com puter to do this A. Select the Install Files For Eastern Asian Languages check box in the Advanced tab of the Regional And Language Options dialog box. B. Select the Install Files For Eastern Asian Languages check box on the Languages tab of the Regional And Language Options dialog box. C. Select the Install Files For Eastern Asian Languages check box on the Regional Options tab of the Regional And Language Options dialog box. D. To configure an Asian language on a Windows XP Professional workstation, you must purchase an additional license for that language.
Correct Answers: E A. Incorrect: To centralize configuration, each ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition computer must be able to contact a configuration storage server. Although the configuration storage server must be a member of an Active Directory domain, the ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition computers need not be.
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