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Patient ID: 001 :: John Doe :: 123 Main Street :: Someplace, AZ 85000 01/12/2001; Diagnosis: cold | Treatment: take 2 and call me in the morning. 03/04/2005; Diagnosis: broken toe | Treatment: nothing.
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E. Tuesday 6:00 P.M. only.
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Estimated lesson time: 30 minutes
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Group Policy Objects (GPOs)
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In addition to the Firewall Client settings that you can configure on the ISA Server computer for distribution to all clients, there are also advanced settings that you can configure on the client computer running the Firewall Client. As much as possible, use the ISA Server settings to configure the Firewall Client settings, but in some cases, you may need a unique configuration for one or more clients.
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Objective 1.2 Answers 1.
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figure i-1 The Installation page of the SQL Server Installation Center provides links that launch the
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The Users tab (shown in Figure 12-10) lists all users who are logged on to the computer. Logged-on users may be local at the console or remotely attached from the network. Using the controls on this tab, you can log off users, forcibly disconnect users from computers, or send messages to users. (It certainly is polite to tell them before you disconnect them.)
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Categories are stored in a table. Articles are stored in a table that references the categories table. Given that all articles always have a single title, the table should probably be stored directly in a column in the articles table. Because the content of an article can contain so many different parts, and those parts probably can be nested inside each other (such as a list inside a cell in a table) and given the fact that the order of the different parts is important, the content should probably be stored in a single XML column. Given that what is allowed in the content column probably must be fairly well-defined, you should probably use an XML schema collection to type the content column.
Identify Internet domain name registration requirements Specify the use of hierarchical namespace within Active Directory Identify NetBIOS naming requirements
can obtain it from Microsoft by visiting http://www.microsoft.com/ windowsserver2003/evaluation/trial/evalkit.mspx. Label one network adapter EXTERNAL and give it the IP Address, subnet mask Label the second network adapter PERIMETER and give it the IP address, subnet mask Label the third network adapter INTERNAL and give it the IP address, subnet mask
Complete the task for your boss. Then answer the following questions to provide your assessment of the risks of each application. 1. What mechanism did you choose to implement authentication Why 2. How did you configure IIS 3. What did you add to the server s Web.config file 4. What code did you write to create the Web service server 5. What code did you write to create the Web service client
Routing with Windows Server 2003
5. In Connection 2, execute the following SQL statements to start a transaction, and acquire an exclusive lock on one row in the test table.
Monitoring and Optimizing System Performance
Disk Defragmenter is another tool that can be used to keep the user s computer run ning smoothly. The hard disk becomes fragmented as users delete files, move files, delete and install programs and applications, and empty the Recycle Bin. The files on the hard disk aren t stored contiguously as they once were, and this causes the com puter to work harder than necessary to locate the file fragments, put them together, and bring up the data. Persuade the end users you service to run Disk Defragmenter once a month. They ll see better computer performance, have fewer problems in the long term, and learn that
E. Universal group: Security Type
In this practice, you will configure default quota management settings to limit the amount of data users can store Server01. You will then configure custom quota settings to allow the users in the Marketing department to store more data, because their media files are generally larger than other users business documents. And you allow devel opers to be exempt from quotas.
Given that there is little mechanical difference, the question of whether an application should implement logging or monitoring capabilities depends on the audience for the information. And whether, in the context in which the application will run, someone will care. The groups who are interested in logging are as follows.
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