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Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Button
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The location of the user configuration file
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In this practice, you will configure auditing settings, enable audit policies for object access, and filter for specific events in the security log. The business objective is to monitor the deletion of files from an important folder to ensure that only appropriate users are deleting files.
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Lesson 1: Creating Application Domains
2. Which of the following statements about the use of virtual memory in Windows XP Professional are correct (Choose all that apply.) a. When you install Windows XP Professional, Setup creates a virtual memory paging file, PAGEFILE.SYS, on the partition where you installed Windows XP Professional. b. In some environments, you might find it advantageous to use multiple paging files. c. If the entire paging file is not in use, it can decrease below the initial size that was set during installation. d. Unused space in the paging file remains unavailable to all programs, even the internal Windows XP Professional VMM. 3. When you first turn on the computer, the system displays a Please Select The Operating System To Start screen, which lists the available operating systems. What happens if a user does not select an operating system before the countdown timer reaches zero
ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles OpenOdbcButton.Click
Which power scheme is the correct choice for a mobile user who wants to maximize the lifetime of the battery, but needs the display to remain on at all times Choose the correct answer. A. Home/Office Desk B. Portable/Laptop C. Presentation D. Always On E. Minimal Power Management F. Max Battery
Terminal Server
The Network tab of a Receive connector s properties dialog box is shown in Figure 7-3. There are two sections in this dialog box: the Local IP address section and the Remote IP address section. The Local IP address section determines which server IP address the connector will listen on. For example, if your Hub Transport server has multiple network cards, you can configure the connector to listen only for traffic on an IP address assigned to one of these cards rather than both of them. The default setting is to listen for traffic on port 25 on all interfaces. The Remote IP address section is used to specify which remote servers can forward mail to the local server. By default, the Receive connector will accept mail from all IP addresses. In some situations, you may wish to limit the settings in this dialog box to a specific range of IP addresses, such as those in use within your organization, though you should keep in mind that there are more effective tools for fighting spam and viruses, such as transport rules, which were covered in 6, Spam, Viruses, and Compliance. Unless there is a great reason to do otherwise, you should configure Receive connectors to receive all incoming messages and then let other aspects of Exchange, such as transport rules, deal with filtering messages on the basis of source address or content.
rity log (Choose all that apply.)
System Image The System Image backup backs up an entire volume to a .vhd disk image file (which has been compacted to remove empty space). This type of backup enables you to quickly restore a computer and all running applications. However, if you want to boot from this image, as you can in Windows Enterprise and Ultimate editions, you need to ensure that the image is kept up to date. Otherwise, you boot with an image that is unsafe because updates that address known vulnerabilities are not installed. 2, "Configuring System Images," addresses this issue. Files and folders You can store files and documents to compressed (.zip) files. File backups are incremental by default. Also, file backups do not back up system files, program files, Encrypting File System (EFS)-encrypted files, temporary files, files in the Recycle Bin, or user profile settings. File backups can back up to either local media or a shared folder on the network.
The instance mode determines the relationship between the client and the instance of the service s implementation class. Along with the standard modes, WCF also provides a provider model to determine the instance context that should be used to process a request. PerCall is the default mode, and it maintains a one-to-one association between method calls and instances. PerSession creates an instance for each client proxy whereas an instance mode of Single results in one instance handling every request.
Designing Filegroups
Automatic Updates supports two download behaviors:
data cannot be mapped to virtual memory, the result is an invalid page fault and
But because you do not need to always write textual data, the .NET Framework namespace also supports two classes for writing binary data. The BinaryReader and
Another commonly suggested option for user feedback is the tool tip. And there are certainly some reasons why the tool tip is superior to the status bar. First of all, the message is now much closer to where the actual problem lies. Whereas a status bar can feedback on any control, it s immediately apparent which control is associated with a particular tool tip. There are a couple of reasons, however, why tool tips aren t a good feedback choice. The first is that, in a well-designed application, the tool tip is already being used. For every field there should be a tool tip that contains a brief description of what the data is supposed to be. Replacing that value with an error message means that at the exact moment when it s likely that the user wants some additional information about what the field is (because, after all, there is a problem with it), an error message has replaced the information.
In this exercise, you create a view to return the orders that have not yet shipped.
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