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figure 5-9 The Select New Dimensions page lets you identify the dimensions that the wizard will
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The following Domain Controllers are not in sync with Global state ('Prepared'):
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Use IsEmpty first
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Common Printer Problems and Possible Solutions
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the Synchronize Database Wizard. But you could also execute a Synchronization XMLA command or back up and restore the database.
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<configuration> <system.diagnostics> <trace autoflush="true" indentsize="5" /> </system.diagnostics> </configuration>
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Counters Used in SQL Server Capacity Planning
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1. Disk Management would reveal a volume with a Failed Redundancy status. One of the disks would have an error and would have a status of Missing. Disk queue length will increase significantly. Performance would decrease significantly. 2. The likely cause of backup jobs and SSIS packages not executing is that the SQL Server Agent service is not running. 3. If there are I/O errors on the disk, the disk will have the status Online (errors). If a volume has experienced I/O errors, it will have the status Healthy (At Risk).
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Figure 2-1
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The Effective Permissions tool is only an approximation of a user s access. It is possible that a permission entry is assigned to a logon-related account, such as Interactive or Network, that could be denying access. Permissions for logon groups are not evaluated by the Effective Permissions tool. Or, if you are not logged on as a Domain Admin, you might not be able to read all group memberships, which might skew the resulting permissions report.
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Case Scenario: Creating an Active Directory Forest
3. Execute the following INSERT statement and observe the results:
Case Scenario 1: Exchange Server 2007 as an Anti-Spam Solution for Coho Vineyard
Component Development
After a proxy is generated on the client, it will see the return type of the GetTasksByAssignedName operation as:
5. If one of the display adapters is built into the motherboard, the motherboard adapter always becomes the _____________ (primary/secondary) adapter.
Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA). Individuals who design, implement, and administer Microsoft SQL Server databases. Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). Instructionally and technically qualified to deliver Microsoft Official Curriculum through a Microsoft Certified Technical Edu cation Center (CTEC).
The main events available when working with DataTable objects are listed in Table 7-4.
Property Alt Control Handled KeyCode KeyData KeyValue Modifiers Shift SuppressKeyPress
Drillthrough actions Let the client request the details behind aggregated cell values in the cube. This is the only action type that the client application can send to SSAS for execution. reporting actions Can be used to request SSRS reports. The action command is the URL report path along with optional report parameters.
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