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In designing your wireless network, you must determine where to locate the wireless APs based on the location of your wireless users. You should create a network diagram that shows the locations within a building that require wireless coverage, or you can enable wireless coverage for an entire building. You should also document any devices that can interfere with your wireless network, such as:
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Specifying a Publisher and a Distributor
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WCF uses a number of performance counters, which must be explicitly enabled within the application before any WCF data is logged. Although the logs WCF publishes to the Windows Event Log cannot be turned off, WCF can be configured not to publish PII.
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Lesson 1: Working with XML
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Table 2-1 summarizes the options that are available for constraining and sanitizing data.
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AutoRecover files are the files that Word automatically creates in the background every few minutes as specified by the end user. By default, AutoRecover saves files every 10 minutes. If a user encounters a problem with an application, the application offers the last saved version of the file to the user the next time he or she starts the application. Word stores the AutoRecover files in the folder specified in the Options dialog box (accessed from the File Locations tab). You can change both the file location and AutoRecover default behavior quite easily by following these steps:
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A process is an executing application, with a unique identifier to differentiate it from other processes. Processes are mechanisms that allow applications to run safely isolated from other applications. The two primary classes for directing output from an application are Debug and Trace. The Trace class listener object is enabled by default in .NET applications. Listener objects are the mechanisms by which Debug and Trace output can be
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Tip contains methods of performing a task more quickly or in a not-so-obvious way. Important contains information that is essential to completing a task. Note contains supplemental information. Caution contains valuable information about possible loss of data; be sure to read this information carefully. Warning contains critical information about possible physical injury; be sure to read this information carefully. See Also contains references to other sources of information. On the CD points you to supplementary information or files you need that are on the companion CD. Security Alert highlights information you need to know to maximize security in your work environment. Exam Tip flags information you should know before taking the certification exam. Off the Record contains practical advice about the real-world implications of information presented in the lesson.
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The following questions are intended to reinforce key information presented in this lesson. The questions are also available on the companion CD if you prefer to review them in electronic form.
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Upgrade Considerations
Using the Registry Editor to modify the Registry is dangerous because the Registry Editor saves data automatically as you make entries or corrections, so new Registry data takes effect immediately. If you incorrectly edit the Registry it can cause serious, system-wide problems that could require you to reinstall Windows XP Professional.
to_lsn row_filter Controls which rows are returned and what is displayed in the metadata columns of the result set. The row_filter argument can have any of the following values:
European editions also exist of the Home Basic and Business Editions, designated as HOMEBASICN and BUSINESSN on the edition selection screen. These editions lack the other editions multimedia capabilities in order to comply with EU antitrust restrictions.
Description Gets or sets the number of pages that are displayed horizon tally across the screen. The instance of PrintDocument that is associated with this PrintPreviewControl. Gets or sets the number of pages that are displayed verti cally on the screen. Gets or sets the page of the PrintDocument to be displayed in the first page of the control. Gets or sets a value indicating whether anti-aliasing is used. Anti-aliasing makes text in the control appear smoother at the cost of performance. Gets or sets the Zoom level of the document.
1. What are the minimum NTFS permissions required to allow users to open docu ments and run programs stored in a shared folder a. Full Control b. Modify c. Write
Dim s As String = CustomersDataView.Item(FoundRow)("CompanyName").ToString
Suggested Practices
The dynamic disk type is displayed in Disk Management.
Proposed Environment. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 377
Figure 11-38
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