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Lesson 3
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Lesson Review
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Active Directory Infrastructure
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Step 3: Evaluate the Situation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-51
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Exam Tip
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To help you successfully master the exam objectives presented in this chapter, complete the following tasks.
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Figure 3-3
The following conventions are used throughout this book:
Configuring Arrays
8. Enter the following command: netsh dhcp server show scope. An output describes the features of the server s only configured scope. 9. Answer the following questions: How is the state of the scope described Why is Computer2 unable to obtain an address lease from the DHCP server
B. A document
Lesson 1: Transport-Level Security
Create a Web service project and leave the HelloWorld Web method created by default. Enable WSE for the project and use WSE Messaging to change the Web method to use TCP as the communication protocol. You will then add a Windows application project to the solution and set a Web reference to the Web service in this solution. Add a label to the default form for this project and add code to the Page_load method that calls the HelloWorld Web method and displays the string result in text of the label control.
Temporary Internet files are automatically saved to hard disk to speed up the display of frequently visited Web pages. Internet Explorer saves the files in the Temporary Internet Files folder, which can contain cookies, graphics, Web pages, and JavaScript files, among other things. Because Internet Explorer can open files saved to the com puter faster than it can obtain and open files from the Internet, maintaining the files in this folder is quite important to successful, fast Web browsing. However, problems occur when the Temporary Internet Pages cache is full. Resolving these problems is as simple as deleting the files in the Temporary Internet Files folder. Unfortunately, recognizing problems caused by a full Temporary Internet Files folder can be difficult. Here are some common warning signs of a full Temporary Internet Files folder:
The notion of a covered index is that SQL Server doesn t need to use lookups between the nonclustered index and the table to return the query results. Because a clustered index is the actual table, clustered indexes always cover queries. To consider the index covered, it must contain all columns referenced in the query (in any clause, SELECT, JOIN, WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING, and so on). Consider the following SQL table and query.
Traveling with Your Mobile PC
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