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2. If an Active Directory integrated zone is deployed for the domain, which option should you recommend be configured in the Change Zone Replication Scope dialog box shown in Figure 5-37 Assume that improving name resolution response time is more important than minimizing network traffic.
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process delete the database What about any changes the user made to the schema Or any data that was added If, in the face of these possibilities, the answer is yes, it should be uninstalled, then a second uninstall script will be necessary. Although the Windows Installer is capable of automatically rolling back certain deployment tasks, those that are performed in a script are not in that list. This is true, by the way, if an installation gets cancelled or aborted part way through the process. If a script has run and then the installation is stopped, there are no transaction-like rollback capabilities. Yes, a Rollback method would be called, but, as with the uninstall, a script would need to be set up to handle this case.
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Do you know what these key terms mean You can check your answers by looking up the terms in the glossary at the end of the book.
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Figure I-3 shows the Instance Configuration page of the SQL Server 2008 Setup Wizard with the Default Instance option selected.
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Implementing and Conducting Administration of Resources
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Converts Between types that implement the System.IConvertible interface.
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Adrian is a desktop administrator for Contoso, Corp. He has recently completed a large deployment project in which he upgraded 200 Windows XP workstations to Windows 7. Unfortunately, Adrian has just discovered that a cloud-based application those workstations require was not tested during the deployment. The users access the application by loading a Web-based client hosted by a Web site at When the users load the client using the version of Internet Explorer in Windows 7, several vital page components fail to run. After performing his own tests, Adrian has determined that the client runs properly in Compatibility View mode, but he wants to implement a fix using Group Policy so that users don t have to correct the condition themselves. He also does not want to modify the display of any sites other than the client. Which of the following combinations of Group Policy settings must Adrian deploy to the workstations Explain your answer.
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Correct Answers: C A. Incorrect: The disk defragmenter that ships with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 cannot be used to perform remote disk defragmentation. B. Incorrect: Because there is no one at the building that hosts the servers, Remote Assistance invitations cannot be sent. C. Correct: This tool will allow Rooslan to connect remotely to each server and to initiate a disk defragmentation. D. Incorrect: The Defrag.exe command cannot be used to defragment remote systems.
In this practice session, you use EXBPA to run a best practices analyzer health scan. You view the reports that the tool generates and export a report into a CSV file.
Configure and Troubleshoot Local User and Group Accounts
Data Integrity and Error Handling in SQL Server 2005
Figure 5-30 Proseware intranet servers
Although the log is titled Windows NT, the title refers to the Microsoft Windows platform. You can install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 only on Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2000.
Description This isolation level lets other connections read data that has not yet been committed. This isolation level prevents other connections from reading data that is being modified until the transaction has been committed. Connection 1 is not allowed to read data that has been modified but not yet committed by Connection 2. Additionally, no other connection is allowed to modify any data that has been read by Connection 1 until the transaction completes. This causes shared locks to be placed on all data that is read, and the locks are held until the transaction completes. This isolation level places all of the restrictions as REPEATABLE READ and prevents new rows from being inserted within the keyset range that is locked by a transaction. Commonly known as readers do not block writers and writers do not block readers, this isolation level uses row versioning and ensures that a read operation will return the image of the data as it existed prior to the start of a modification.
Switch /f /n /o /q /s:[path to distribution folder] /u /x /z
Estimated lesson time: 60 minutes
Scenario 1 Question
Correct Answers: C, D A. Incorrect: The system log does not record when an unsigned driver has been installed, although it might contain information if problems have occurred with the driver or the device it manages.
Explanation Monitors ISA Server for configured events and then performs actions when the specified events occur. The alert service is configured to monitor many events by default. You may configure additional alert definitions. Provides information on all of the current client sessions on ISA Server. ISA Server lists sessions of the following types: Firewall client, SecureNAT, VPN client, VPN site-to-site, and Web proxy. Provides detailed information about the Web proxy, firewall service, or SMTP Message Screener. You can use the logs to monitor the activity on ISA Server in real time, or you can review the log files at a later date. Summarizes information about the usage patterns on ISA Server. For example, you can create reports that summarize information about the users who access the most sites through ISA Server and which sites they access, or about the protocols and applications that are being used most often. You can also use reports to monitor the security of your network. For example, you can generate reports that track malicious attempts to access internal resources. Enables regular monitoring of connections from the computer running ISA Server to any other computer or URL on any network. For example, you can use connectivity options to monitor connections to domain controllers, DNS servers, published Web servers, and external Web servers. This feature provides advance warning when the connection to any required service or network fails. Collects performance data on the computer running ISA Server. You can monitor server performance in real time, create a log file of server performance over a longer period of time for detailed analysis, or configure performance alerts to create an event when counters reach certain values.
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