Lesson 2 in C#.net

Printing Code 39 Full ASCII in C#.net Lesson 2

1. Log on to Server01 as an administrator. 2. Open Active Directory Users And Computers. 3. Select the Employees OU.
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A user profile is a collection of folders and data files that contain the elements of your desktop environment that make it uniquely yours. Settings include:
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Implementing ISA Server 2004, Enterprise Edition
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Element Alias External E-Mail Address
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{ return UIInitPropertyFromUInt32(UI_PKEY_CategoryId, _value % 2, ppropvar); } return E_NOTIMPL; } //Changes in Application.cpp HRESULT STDMETHODCALLTYPE CApplication::UpdateProperty(UINT32 nCmdID, REFPROPERTYKEY key, const PROPVARIANT *currentValue, PROPVARIANT *newValue) { HRESULT hr; if (nCmdID == cmdComboBox) { if (key == UI_PKEY_Categories) { IUICollection* pCollection; HRESULT hr = currentValue->punkVal->QueryInterface( IID_PPV_ARGS(&pCollection)); if (FAILED(hr)) { return hr; } CComObject<CCategoryItem> *pCategoryItemEven; hr = CComObject<CCategoryItem>::CreateInstance(&pCategoryItemEven); CComPtr<ICategoryItem> categoryItemEven(pCategoryItemEven); categoryItemEven->Initialize(0, L"Even Numbers"); hr = pCollection->Add(categoryItemEven); CComObject<CCategoryItem> *pCategoryItemOdd; hr = CComObject<CCategoryItem>::CreateInstance(&pCategoryItemOdd); CComPtr<ICategoryItem> categoryItemOdd(pCategoryItemOdd); categoryItemOdd->Initialize(1, L"Odd Numbers"); hr = pCollection->Add(categoryItemOdd); pCollection->Release(); return hr; } //The rest of the code has not been changed. }
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Objective 1.1
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Implementing ISA Server Publishing
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Practice 1 You can boot from the installation DVD-ROM and perform a system recovery in one of two ways either by pressing the F8 key on boot to access the Advanced Boot Options or by selecting Repair My Computer. You need to be familiar with running a system restore when a computer cannot boot normally. Practice 2 Access the More Information link given in Lesson 2 to learn more about the Bcdedit utility and the command syntax. Practice using this utility. Practice 3 (optional) If you created a bootable VHD in 2, restore a recent System Image backup to that VHD and boot from that system image.
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1. Northwind Partners should make sure that all funds-transfer logic participates in transactions. Starting a transaction will ensure that if an error occurs after money is withdrawn from one account, but before it is deposited into another account, the withdrawal can be rolled back, thereby restoring the data to its original state. 2. All data-modification code should be put in TRY blocks. Logging code can be placed into the associated CATCH blocks. 3. The search should use the FREETEXT predicate, which will match a search term even if it s not typed exactly as it appears in the data.
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Inherits ServicedComponent
Exam Highlights 15-63
4. You need to design a replication strategy between SubnetD and SubnetE. How would you configure the WINS servers in these subnets
5. What are the three Advanced restore settings that allow you to specify how to restore files that already exist
Users assigned to the Browser role can view reports but are unable to make any changes to reports. The following tasks are included in the Browser role definition:
Using a Single Domain . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-2
Transactional replication typically starts with a snapshot of the publication database objects and data. As soon as the initial snapshot is taken, subsequent data changes and schema modifications made at the Publisher are typically delivered to the
C. Incorrect: Thursday s backup set is not needed because all the files that it con
HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Security_HKLM_only
You are a server administrator for Contoso, Ltd. You inherited a server from a previous administrator that contains numerous internal SCSI disk drives. You open the Disk Management console to determine the configuration of those drives and their volumes. The configuration is shown in the following graphic.
The left panel contains a list of the activities present in the trace. When any activity is selected, the upper right panel contains the traces that are associated with that activity. When any trace is selected, the lower right panel shows the detailed information for that trace. However, this is just the starting point. You can expand the activities on the left side to see more detail. For example, if you double-click the Add Activity activity, a graphical representation of the client-side WCF traces is displayed. Figure 6-2 shows what the Service Trace Viewer looks like in this view. Within this same view, you can see additional details about certain traces. For example, if you click Sent A Message Over A Channel, the panel in the lower right includes more details about the message, as shown in Figure 6-3. Up to this point, only the client messages have been covered. However, you can use the Service Trace Viewer to correlate messages between the client and service also. When you add the .svclog file from the service (assuming that propagateActivity has been set to true), the serviceside traces are rolled into the client-side traces. The appearance of the screens is the same. All that happens is that the trace information for each trace file is interlaced based on activity IDs and a time stamp.
Installing Windows Vista Client
Bindings Supported by .NET Out of the Box
Instead of retrieving a tabular result set from the database, you retrieve an XML document.
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