Objective 4.1 in visual C#.net

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Examples IP address, network name Disk drives Services, executable files, file shares, MS DTC
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Figure 11-17: Make a file available offline Files available offline are shown as Always Available in Windows Explorer. Figure 11-18 shows a file available offline named Brisbane. If a user modifies a file that she has made available offline, that file synchronizes with the shared folder when the user again connects to the network and the modified file replaces the one on the shared folder. If the file on the shared folder is changed and the file in the local cache remains unchanged, the synchronization process overwrites the file in the local cache. If both the file on the shared folder and the file in the local cache have been modified, it is necessary to use Sync Center to resolve the conflict. You will learn more about using Sync Center to resolve conflicts with Offline Files later in this lesson.
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Lesson 2: Custom Policies
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Lesson 1
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A. Incorrect: The Browser service participates in location of named computers and
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Administration of Group Policy
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Managing and Maintaining Physical and Logical Devices (1.0)
B. Incorrect: Windows Server 2003 does not natively support print quotas. C. Incorrect: This is unlikely because Rob was able to print a smaller color picture
Commonly used interfaces
Key Points
server is deployed in SharePoint integrated mode.
Introduction to ISA Server as a Firewall
Lesson 1
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