Objective 3.3 in C#.net

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Debugging and Error Handling in SSIS
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In this exercise, you will configure the DNS servers in each forest to refer to the servers in the other forest. Because each forest is independent of the other, their DNS servers do not know about the other. To exchange information from one forest to the other, you need to implement cross-DNS references in each forest. The easiest way to do this is to use forwarders from one domain to the other and vice versa. Make sure SERVER01 and SERVER06 are running. 1. Log on to SERVER01 with the domain Administrator account. 2. Launch Server Manager from the Administrative Tools program group. 3. Expand Roles\DNS Serve\DNS\SERVER01. 4. Right-click SERVER01 in the tree pane and select Properties. 5. Click the Forwarders tab and click Edit. 6. Type the IP address of SERVER06 and click OK twice. 7. Repeat the procedure in reverse on SERVER06; that is, add the SERVER01 IP address as a forwarder for SERVER06. 8. Test the operation by pinging each server from the other. For example, use the following command to ping SERVER01 from SERVER06:
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4. To provide fault tolerance, maximum performance, and the ability to hot-swap a failed drive, you purchase a seven-disk hardware RAID array. After installing the array, you see only one new disk on Windows Server 2003. Why
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Purchase and install Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager 2007 so that he can perform a more detailed hardware inventory. Propose installing Windows 7 on all 150 workstations as they are currently configured. Propose installing additional memory in the Windows XP workstations and then upgrading all 150 workstations to Windows 7. Conduct performance baseline benchmarks on one Windows XP and one Windows Vista workstation, then upgrade both to Windows 7 and repeat the performance testing.
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Lesson Review
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You performed many of the activities listed in Table 13-1 as you covered other lessons. Table 13-3 maps out where you locate information about each of the 12 AD DS tasks in this book.
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Subnet Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
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Creating Development Tests
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Estimated lesson time: 20 minutes
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For convenience, while you are studying this book and carrying out practices, you should now access the Content tab in the Internet Options dialog box and disable Content Advisor.
As your requirements evolve, you might need to replace a table in the DSv with another table that exists in the data source or with a named query. To do so, simply right-click the DSv table, and then select Replace Table. A submenu with two options will appear. Select With new named Query to replace the table with a new named query. This opens the Create named Query dialog box. The With other Table option opens a dialog box that shows all tables and views in the data source to let you select a different table.
Be certain to understand the difference between disabling and deleting an object; and between enabling and unlocking a user.
Installing a Windows Desktop Operating System (1.0)
Take a Practice Test
Lesson 2: Installing Windows Vista
Lesson Summary
Setting Event Notifications
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a. Account Lockout Duration B. Enforce Password History c. Maximum Password Age D. Minimum Password Age E. Account Lockout Threshold F.
Group Policy Infrastructure
The subkey App Paths specifies the paths of specific program files. It enables you to run a program from the Run dialog box or the MS DOS command prompt without specifying its path. For example, you can type Wordpad.exe in the Run dialog box, and Windows XP looks up the program's path in the App Paths key. The default value for App Paths\filename, where filename is the program file's name including the .exe file extension, contains the command that executes the program. For example, the default value of App Paths\Wordpad.exe contains %ProgramFiles%\Windows NT\Accessories\WORDPAD.EXE. You can add other programs to the App Paths subkey so that you can run them without typing their paths. The value Path is optional and it specifies the working path for the program, which is the path where the program finds additional program files. This path is usually to the folder containing the program file.
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