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DTA displays the progress of each action in the middle of the screen; you will notice that the majority of the time is spent on the Performing Analysis action. As DTA completes its analysis of each statement, it displays the statement in the bottom pane. When DTA encounters a statement that it has already analyzed, it increments the Frequency counter for that statement and continues to the next statement in the workload. To view DTA s performance recommendations, select the Recommendations tab (see Figure 15-18).
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Implementation Class MD5CryptoServiceProvider RIPEMD160Managed
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Supporting Local Users and Groups
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Relative Distinguished Names
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/flushdns Purges the local DNS cache (the area of memory that stores recently resolved names so that the client does not have to contact the DNS server each time) /registerdns Renews DHCP-supplied configuration information and registers the DNS name to IP address information with DNS /displaydns Displays the contents of the local DNS cache /setclassid Provides for the configuration of DHCP user classes, which can control the way IP addresses are assigned
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The reordered answer list returned by the DNS service follows:
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msg.TimeToBeReceived = new TimeSpan(1, 0, 0, 0, 0); // 1 day
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Create Printer Users Groups
insert Instructs SQL Server 2005 to insert one or more nodes as children or siblings of a specified node. The insert construction is made of two expressions and an operator. The first expression can return a single node or a set of nodes. The second expression must return a single node. Both expressions can be constructed by using constant values or by providing an XQUERY expression. The operator that joins both expressions can be one of the following:
When Outlook 2003 is run for the first time after being installed on a user s computer, Outlook offers to import mail, addresses, and mail account settings from an existing e-mail application that is already installed on the computer. For many users, this is Outlook Express, but it can also be Eudora Light or Eudora Pro. In addition, data from pre viously saved files, such as Microsoft Office Excel or Microsoft Office Access files, can be imported. You can even import messages from previous Outlook data files.
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An attack in which a server is flooded with spurious requests, reducing the server s availability. The services and drivers that a service requires to be active before the service runs. the last full backup are archived.
Windows Vista Upgrades and Migrations
1. Set the Text property to the text you want the control to display. 2. In the Text property, prepend the letter that you want to make the access key with the ampersand (&) symbol. 3. In the Properties window, set the UseMnemonic property to True. The letter pre ceded by the ampersand symbol will appear underlined, and, at run time, the user will be able to shift the focus to the control by pressing the Alt key along with the underlined key.
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