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Creating Full-Text Catalogs
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12. On the Choose A Deployment Configuration page, select Existing Forest, select Create A New Domain In An Existing Forest, select the Create A New Domain Tree Root Instead Of A New Child Domain check box, and click Next. 13. On the Network Credentials page, type treyresearch.net, and then click Set to enter alternate credentials. Type treyresearch.net\administrator or the equivalent account name and the password. Click OK, and then click Next. 14. On the Name The New Domain Tree Root page, type northwindtraders.com and click Next. 15. On the Domain NetBIOS Name page, accept the proposed name and click Next. This page appears because you are running the wizard in advanced mode. Note that the name does not include the final s because it is limited to fifteen characters. The sixteenth is always reserved by the system. 16. On the Select A Site page, accept the default and click Next. This page also appears because you are running the wizard in advanced mode. 17. On the Additional Domain Controller Options page, verify that the DNS Server check box is selected. Select the Global Catalog check box, and then click Next. Note that one authoritative DNS server has been found for this domain. This is the server in your delegation and is the server you are now creating. 18. If you did not assign a static IP address, the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard will give you a warning because you are using a dynamic IP address. Click the Yes, The Computer Will Use A Dynamically Assigned IP Address (Not Recommended) option. The AD DS Installation Wizard will warn you that it has detected an existing DNS infrastructure for this domain and, because of this, you now have two choices: to attempt to create a DNS delegation or to omit it. See Figure 9-11. 19. Select No, Do Not Create The DNS Delegation and click Next. You select No because you already created the delegation manually. The wizard cannot create this delegation because it would attempt to create it in a .com root name DNS server, and you do not have access rights to this server. 20. On the Source Domain Controller page, verify that Let The Wizard Choose An Appropriate Domain Controller is selected and click Next. 21. On the Location For Database, Log Files And SYSVOL page, accept the default locations and click Next. 22. On the Directory Services Restore Mode Administrator Password page, type a strong password, confirm it, and click Next.
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Versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the .NET Framework did not support generics. Instead, developers used the Object class for parameters and members and would cast other classes to and from the Object class. Generics offer two significant advantages over using the Object class:
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DROP TRIGGER trgSalesOrderDetailDenorm; ALTER TABLE Sales.Customer DROP COLUMN TotalSales;
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Exam Highlights 14-25
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USE TestDB; GO CREATE PROC Test.spAccountWithdraw @AccountNumber INT ,@AmountToWithdraw DECIMAL(19, 5) AS
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SELECT * FROM Test.TestTran WHERE Col1 = 1; /* Still returns the 1 row with the value 1 for the Col2 column. */
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4. In the Main method (Visual C#) or Sub Main (Visual Basic), type the following code. This code is used to instantiate an instance of the TCP channel.
IShellLibrary *pIShellLibrary; HRESULT hr = SHCreateLibrary(IID_PPV_ARGS(&pIShellLibrary)); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { IShellItem *pIShellItem; SHAddFolderPathToLibrary( pIShellLibrary, L"C:\\Users\\Public\\Documents"); hr = pIShellLibrary->SaveInKnownFolder( FOLDERID_Libraries, L"My New Library", LSF_MAKEUNIQUENAME, &pIShellItem); pIShellItem->Release(); pIShellLibrary->Release(); }
The FontControl control is somewhat similar to DropDownColorPicker. Like DropDownColorPicker, it provides a consistent experience in the configuration and selection of fonts for applications that need to manipulate text. Like the color-picker control, the font control has three different templates that define its look and functionality. To set a template, use the FontType attribute. The attribute takes one of the following values: FontOnly, FontWithColor, and RichFont. If the FontType attribute is omitted, FontOnly is the default template. The following code demonstrates the three types:
Changing Screen Orientation on a Tablet PC
After this lesson, you will be able to
Exercise 1: Saving and Retrieving BLOB Values
is crucial that the perimeter network be well documented, and that all login names, passwords, and IP subnet information be accessible to anyone responsible for maintaining or supporting the system.
Public Class DemoSoapFilter
24. Click Next. 25. Configure error and usage reporting by selecting both the Automatically Send Error Reports and Automatically Send Feature Usage Data check boxes, shown in Figure 1-11.
Table 2-8: WIM2VHD Parameters
identity store A database of security identities, or security principals. Active Direc tory is the identity store for a Windows Server 2003 domain. inheritance The process through which permissions are propagated from a parent object to its children. Inheritance is at work in Active Directory and on disk vol umes formatted with NTFS. instance The most granular level of performance counter. A performance object, such as LogicalDisk, has counters, such as % Free Space. That counter may have instances, representing specific occurrences of that counter, for example the free space on disk volume C:\ and disk volume D:\. IntelliMirror A suite of technologies that allows a complete operating environment to follow the user to other computers, as well as offline. Components include the user s profiles, data, and applications.
Figure 10-43
You can use the following questions to test your knowledge of the information in Lesson 1, Configuring and Troubleshooting User Account Control. The questions are also available on the companion CD if you prefer to review them in electronic form.
Table 3-1
int int2 = int.Parse(int2Textbox.Text);
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