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The APPLY operator is different from the other operators discussed so far because it uses the results from a query to a table or view as what is called the left input, and the results of a table-valued function as what is called the right input. The APPLY operator has two forms, CROSS APPLY and OUTER APPLY. CROSS APPLY returns only rows from the left output, which produces data from the table-valued function. The OUTER APPLY returns all rows from the left, outer table. Like an OUTER JOIN statement, NULL values are included for the columns where the function does not produce data. This sample returns the first name, last name, job title, type of contact entry, and e-mail address for all contacts in the database by combining the results from the Person.EmailAddress table with the ufnGetContactInformation UDF. The BusinessEntityID value from each row in the table result set is the input required by the ufnGetContactInformation function:
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The Computer Management snap-in, shown in Figure 7-6, provides a more sophisticated means of managing local users than the User Accounts tool. Using Computer Management, you can create, delete, and disable local user accounts. You can also create and manage local groups.
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Lesson Summary
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Often, a particular activity is the cause of the performance problems. Instead of simply adding more RAM or disk resource, you can examine the process causing the issue. To track down the offending process, you must examine the relative wait numbers and wait times for each of the different latch classes to understand the performance of its SQL Server instances. This information can then be used to resolve or reduce the latch contention.
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10. Locate the bindings element. In the wsHttpBinding element, replace the existing security element with the following XML:
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// Because the multiply function is not called directly from a Windows // event, protect it with a declarative RBS demand [PrincipalPermission(SecurityAction.Demand, Role = @"BUILTIN\Administrators )] private int multiply(int int1, int int2) { return int1 * int2; code 39 generator code project
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' Loop through the rows in the Customers table and add the value from the CompanyName
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// C# DialogResult result;
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HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Psched\ UserPriorityMapping\ServiceTypeControlledLoad
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3. Double-click the Telnet service to view its properties. 4. Change the Startup type from Disabled to Automatic. 5. Select the Recovery tab. From the First Failure list, select Restart The Service. 6. Click OK to close the Telnet properties. 7. Right-click the Telnet service and select Start. The Telnet service launches. 8. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and select Task Manager. The Task Manager opens. 9. Select the Processes tab. 10. Locate the Tlntsvr.exe process and click End Process. The Telnet service ends. 11. Wait about 1 minute and view the Processes tab listing again. Tlntsvr.exe should appear in the list of processes again after the service is auto matically restarted.
Sharing a Listener URI
2. You open a computer object and, on the Operating System tab, discover that no properties are displayed. What causes these properties to be absent
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1. One of the managers has proposed a model that uses a single domain tree with two domains. Why would this type of model not meet the requirements
Media Sharing
DECLARE @encrypted varbinary(500)
MyLines = e.MarginBounds.Height / myFont.GetHeight(e.Graphics);
Upgrade from a Previous Version of Windows to Windows XP Professional
' VB Dim aDialog As New DialogForm() aDialog.Show() // C# DialogForm aDialog = new DialogForm(); aDialog.Show();
B. If the computer does not support booting from the CD-ROM, you can create a set of floppy disks that will start the computer and then initiate an installation from the CD-ROM. C. You should inform the user that he should purchase a new bootable CD-ROM drive before Windows XP can be installed. D. After confirming that the CD-ROM drive is bootable, you should contact Microsoft and request another installation CD to replace the faulty one.
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