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Lesson 1: Validating Data and Permissions
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table is typically queried by English-speaking customers, it makes sense to keep the Latin1_General_CI_AI collation, and, when Swedish customers query the table, to use the COLLATE keyword to use the Finnish_Swedish_CI_AI collation explicitly. Review the following script and queries. The execution plans for the two queries in the following script are shown in Figures 6-13 and 6-14:
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Updating the deployment share creates boot images in the Boot folder of the deployment share in both Windows Imaging (wim) and ISO formats, in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, using the following file names:
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Application-Level Settings
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Lesson 1: When Should an Application Be Instrumented
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Lesson 1: Configuring Connectors
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.net data matrix reader
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database role.
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Creating an XML Web Service
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Lesson 3: Tracking Data Changes
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The correct answers are b, d, f, and g.
Setting a Time-out and Restricting Linked Reports
Server farm
and store it in isolated storage.
Creating a new zone
Although you can t enable federation support until you have a working AD FS infrastructure in place, you can learn about the various models AD RMS supports to provide federation of your DRM policies. AD RMS can support four trust models:
After you have determined that the graphics adapter meets the necessary specifications to run Aero and you have installed Windows Vista, you will need to actually check that Aero is running. At a superficial level, Windows looks the same when it is using either Aero or the Vista Basic theme. When you are more familiar with Aero, you will more easily notice what separates Aero from other options. The easiest way to determine whether Aero is working on a computer is to use the Flip 3D function. Flip 3D, shown in Figure 3-20, is a feature that allows a user to switch between applications. Each application is cascaded in three dimensions and keeps running even when displayed in this three-dimensional cascade.
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As of the date of writing, the 70-290 certification exam objectives relate only to SUS. Although it would be expected that Microsoft will update the exam, it is important that you study and thoroughly understand SUS prior to taking the 70-290 exam. We have included the previous version of this chapter on the CD-ROM accompanying this book.
Supporting Registered DNS Names
15. After logon from Computer2 is complete, open an Internet Explorer window. Dis miss any messages or warnings that appear. 16. In the Address text box, type \\computer1.domain1.local, and then press Enter. After a moment, the connection to the address is established, and the shares available on Computer1 are shown in the Internet Explorer window. 17. Switch to Computer1 while you are still logged on as Administrator. 18. Open the Routing And Remote Access console. 19. In the console tree, click the Ports node. In the details pane, you can see that only one WAN Miniport has an active status. The port name shows that this VPN connection is a PPTP connection. 20. Log off Computer1 and Computer2.
Before taking the exam, review the key points and terms that are presented in this chapter.
Mixed Mode authentication
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