Installing a Printer on Windows Server 2003 in C#

Generator Code 3 of 9 in C# Installing a Printer on Windows Server 2003

MORE INFO Custom Privacy Preferences files
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ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(ipcChannel, false);
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network Monitor A graphical diagnostic application that captures samples of the data packets transmitted over a network and examines their contents.
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Table 8-1
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Figure 10-32 shows the output from this command.
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Before planning to implement multiple forests, you must understand that much of the functionality that is available within the scope of a single forest is not available between forests. Maintaining multiple forests also requires significantly more adminis tration than maintaining a single forest. The disadvantages of a multiforest design include the following:
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PDAs, handhelds, and portable computers
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OWA and Exchange Server 2007
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You can view shared folder permissions on the Sharing tab in the Properties dialog box of a shared folder. To view shared folder permissions, follow these steps: 1. In Windows Explorer, locate the folder for which you want to view shared folder permissions. 2. Right-click the folder, and then select Sharing And Security. 3. Click the Permissions button to view the Share Permissions dialog box, shown in Figure 5-16. In this case, we are viewing the share permissions of a folder called Data.
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The Set Up Windows Mobile Partnership wizard opens and asks you to select the content type that you want to synchronize, as shown in Figure 13-18. When you make your selections and click Next, the wizard prompts you to give your device a name. You then click Set Up to create the Windows Mobile partnership.
Client-side control The client always has ultimate control over a Remote Assistance connection. The client can terminate the connection at any time by pressing the ESC key or by clicking Stop Control (ESC) in the client-side Remote Assistance page. Remote control configuration Using the System Properties dialog box or Remote Assistance group policies, users and administrators can specify whether experts are permitted to take control of client computers. An expert who has readonly access cannot modify the computer s configuration in any way using Remote Assistance. The group policies also enable administrators to grant specific users expert status so that no one else can use Remote Assistance to connect to a client computer, even with the client s permission.
1. Which message classification should you assign to a message that should not be sent to people outside your organization 2. What technology do you need to implement before you can successfully apply the company-confidential message classification
Correct Answers: D A. Incorrect: Clearing this check box would actually increase security and privacy risks because it causes Outlooks Express to process and display images in inbound e-mail messages. B. Incorrect: Encryption can be used to improve the confidentiality of outbound email messages. However, it would not reduce the security risks on the user s com puter because it does not affect how Outlook Express processes or displays inbound messages. C. Incorrect: While plain text e-mail does have slightly less security risk than HTML e-mail, changing this setting would only affect outbound e-mail messages. Therefore, it would not improve the security of the user s computer. D. Correct: Reading all messages in plain text reduces the security risks associated with rendering HTML e-mails. Note that the risks associated with rendering HTML e-mails are not necessarily severe. However, users who are very securityconscious may want to use this setting.
1. Correct Answer: D A. Incorrect: The User property in the PrincipalPermission attribute specifies the username of the requests to be required to allow access. B. Incorrect: Although the WCF client does need to be configured to enable authentication in general, no additional change must be made to enable additional authorization. C. Incorrect: Claims can be added to the WCF pipeline through the EvaluationContext as part of a custom authorization policy.
Now let s take a look at doing something a little more sensible! We ll encapsulate a lot of the repeated code from the previous example into a Picture control that is gesture enabled and that can be used in your WPF application. With Visual Studio, you can create controls using the WPF User Control library. Create a new project, and select the WPF User Control Library template.
enforces the PRIMARY KEY constraint.
Correct Answers: A A. Correct: ServerB can access resources on the Internet from the private network. Return traffic to ServerB can cross the NAT interface because the connection was initiated from the private network. To allow Internet users to access ServerB when ServerB has not initiated the connection, you must configure a static IP address on ServerB so that ServerB is on the private network. You must ensure that this static address is excluded from the range of addresses allocated by ServerA. ServerA s IP address must also be set up as ServerB s default gateway. You must configure a special port that is a static mapping of a public address and port number to a pri vate address and port number. This port maps an inbound connection from an external Internet user to the private address of the Web server. To perform this
chapter 2: case scenario answers
Managing Users, Computers, and Groups (2.0)
The New Log Settings dialog box opens.
Install and Configure Server Hardware Devices
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