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In Lesson 1, you learned that you can build a customized MMC with snap-ins that are focused on remote computers. In addition, many snap-ins allow you to change the focus of the snap-in by right-clicking the snap-in in the console tree and choosing a command such as Connect To Another Computer, Connect To Domain, Connect To Domain Controller, and so forth. Using the MMC to remotely manage another system (as shown in Figure 2 3) can save you the time and cost of a physical visit to the computer.
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Knowledge of SSRS features, components, and architecture. Experience working with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) projects and solutions. Experience working in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). The SQL Server AdventureWorks2008 and AdventureWorksDW2008 databases installed. Knowledge of Windows security concepts. The Report Server and Report Manager installed as follows:
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If you encounter problems with multiple displays, use the troubleshooting guidelines in Table 5-4 to help resolve them.
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10: Case Scenario Answers
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Exam objectives in this chapter:
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SecureNAT clients may not be able to use all protocols. Some protocols and applications require secondary connections. For example, when you use FTP, by default, the client initiates a primary connection to the server and the server then initiates a secondary connection to the client. ISA Server must use an application filter that edits the data stream to allow SecureNAT clients to use such protocols and applications. ISA Server includes several application filters, such as an FTP filter and an H.323 filter. If ISA Server does not include the appropriate application filter for a protocol or an application, SecureNAT clients cannot use this protocol or application.
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Case Scenario Exercises
You can split a subnet into smaller subnets by adding ones to the end of the ones in the subnet mask. If you have two (or more) suitable contiguous subnets, you can merge them into a single subnet by changing one or more ones at the end of the ones in the subnet masks to zeros. These techniques are known as subnetting and supernetting, respectively. If an organization has a significant number of computers on its network (say more than 100 this number varies depending on the type, volume, and pattern of traffic on the network) or if it has several geographic locations, the organization will probably create several subnets. If a subnet contains too many computers and other devices, it tends to slow down because there is a greater chance of two computers trying to put data onto the network simultaneously and causing a collision. Dividing a network into several subnets reduces the likelihood of such collisions. At the router that connects to the Internet, however, the organization will use supernetting to combine (or summarize) the subnets so that they can be defined with a single network address that will be translated to a public address on the Internet. Public addresses and address translation are discussed later in this lesson. Supernetting, subnetting, and the related classless interdomain routing (CIDR) and variable length subnet mask (VLSM) technologies are unlikely to be tested in the 70-620 examination. Nevertheless, if you want to find out more (and I recommend that you do), access and
// Implement private variables for standard properties
You can use the same process to stop, pause, resume, or restart your service. To change the service startup type or user account, right-click the service and then click Properties, as shown in Figure 8-7.
Managing Data Storage
Remote Desktop
Problems with data quality are usually expensive and difficult to eradicate. You have a problem if data in your system does not mean what your users think it does (or should) or if the data does not meet its specification because of mistakes in user entries, errors in transmission, glitches, and so on. Data can also be difficult to understand and categorize because of complexity or lack of metadata. Resolving data quality problems is often one of the most time-consuming tasks that a DBA performs. Traditionally, to meet quality standards, data needs to meet the following criteria:
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