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queue.Authenticate = true;
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Application Security
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4. In the Use The Following Network To Obtain DHCP, DNS, And WINS Services drop-down list, select the network on which the name-resolution servers are located. In most cases, this will be the Internal network.
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To obtain mail-related public folder information about a mail-enabled public folder, you use the Get-MailPublicFolder cmdlet followed by the folder s identity, for example, Get-MailPublicFolder \Accounts. If you want to get information about all public folders in a public folder store, you can use the cmdlet without specifying the Identity parameter. For example, if you wanted a list of the names of all mail-enabled public folders on the Exchange Server 2007 server Glasgow, you could enter Get-MailPublicFolder | Format-List Name on that server or Get-MailPublicFolder Server Glasgow | Format-List Name from any Exchange Server 2007 server in the organization. If you want a different display of results, you can use the SortBy parameter to sort results by specifying a criterion, for example, alias. You cannot use the Recurse or GetChildren parameters with the Get-MailPublicFolder cmdlet, but you can use the Filter parameter to specify attributes used to construct a query that retrieves a set of mail-enabled public folders, for example, Get-MailPublicFolder Filter { (Name -eq Management ) or (Name eq Accounts ) } SortBy Alias. Figure 4-10 shows the result of this query.
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To help you successfully master the exam objectives presented in this chapter, com plete the following tasks.
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Supporting Local Users and Groups
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Optimize Server Disk Performance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14-23
Exercise 1: Exploring the Registry
One or more sync sections Each sync section declares a transaction scope. All the
default gateway
Exercise 2: Performing Recursive Queries
Assign only exclusions that will be as permanent as possible. If you change your mind, wait until existing use licenses have expired before removing entities from an exclusion list. Rely on exclusion lists if the credentials of one of the supported entities, such as a user, have been compromised, and your rights protected content is at risk.
<bindings> <wsHttpBinding> <binding name="TransactionalBinding" transactionFlow="true" /> </wsHttpBinding> </bindings>
Binding controls to data is simply describing the process of displaying data (such as data from a database) in Windows Forms controls. Simple data binding describes the process of displaying a single element of data in a control, for example, a TextBox displaying the value from a single column in a table such as a company name. Complex data binding describes the process of binding a control to more than one source of data. For example, consider a combo box that displays a list of category names. What if the table you are displaying has only a category ID such as the Prod ucts and Categories tables in the Northwind sample database You can use complex data binding to display the value from a column in one DataTable based on a foreign key value in another DataTable.
Lesson 2: Setting Up Replication
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